An Introduction to Wind Generated Electricity

Wind generated electricity is one of the solutions that can help mankind create a greener Earth. Granted, solar energy seems to be the most popular option these days, but no one should write off wind just yet. There are plenty of reasons why wind energy is significant right now and will continue to be in the foreseeable future.

An Introduction to Wind Generated Electricity

What is wind energy?

Wind energy or wind power is something familiar to mankind way before the invention of electricity. Humans have harnessed the power of the wind to make flour, transport water and sail across the seas.

What type of energy is wind power?

The above mentioned uses represent different energy types, but they all derive from the wind's kinetic power. Boats directly harness the kinetic power to move, while other uses like mills and turbines often involve conversion to mechanical and in turn electric power.

How do wind turbines make electricity?

Putting it in simple words, the wind moves a turbine attached to a rotor, which is attached to an electric generator, which produces the electricity. The electricity is subsequently converted to the right voltage and amperage, so it can be fed directly into the grid.

Wind Power: Pros and Cons

There are many arguments for and against wind energy, but since wind capacities are growing across the world, we can easily conclude that the end justifies the means. The infographic below displays a selection of pros and cons of using wind power.

Wind Power: Pros and Cons

It is evident that there are drawbacks to wind energy, but those are being addressed with tech innovation. New models come with lower production costs and the noise they emit in residential areas is often as negligible as the hum of a refrigerator in your home.

Wind Generated Electricity for the Home

You do not have to build a turbine to use wind generated electricity. The deregulated market in some states allows you to choose a supplier that delivers electricity partially created by harnessing the wind. There currently aren't any suppliers offering 100% wind turbine electricity, but every little bit helps.

By choosing a supplier that uses wind as a renewable source, you are effectively supporting the construction of even more turbines across the U.S. For more information on suppliers offering this type of services, contact one of our consultants.

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