When looking for a low energy rate offer I want it to remain low and non-variable

by Joan

When I switch to a different utility supplier for my home, will there be a difference between a regulated or deregulated state in regard to variable rates? It is no excitement at all to change providers being promised a lower electricity bill and then a month or two later be surprised to learn that my bill has suddenly jumped up even by much more than my previous server.

That's known as a "teaser rate" and is only aimed at capturing new customers by luring them into believing that they'll being paying less and then ripping them off with huge energy charges even without prior notice. In my opinion this is fraud, the government should put a ban on this practice.

Indeed, the state of Connecticut has become the first to ban variable energy rates that change from month to month beyond the client's control, as was reported in today's news. The law is aimed at protecting consumer interests and preventing energy service providers from benefiting on customers' expense.

When ordering electricity and gas service for my home I need not only reasonable pricing but also honesty and a guarantee. I don't want to be surprised with overblown bills. If there's no way to know how much I'll be charged next month, I can't budget efficiently, and if they're overcharging once they have me as a customer there's no point in accepting to offer. People like predictability with their bill paying, and elsewhere the law has been enacted to force energy providers to notify the customer in advance what price they'll be charged for the next month. That's not enough, however, when I'm looking for or accepting an offer of lowered rates and expect them to remain low and non-variable.

My expenses need to be not only affordable, but predictable as well, and if I'm requesting or being offered lower utility bills, that promise should be kept in full honesty without increasing them dramatically the next month. Obviously, that's not what's in my mind when switching service providers to get a lower rate and afford my monthly electricity expenses.

I trust your brokers to do a sincere job at shopping for me the best supplier that not only offers lower rates to sign me up but also keeps the rates low and steady.

Respectfully, J

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