Does Viridian Energy Check Out?

Viridian Energy is one of the MLM energy companies that have had huge success on the online market and that success has generated them large profits over the years. The Better Business Bureau has given them a stellar A rating and they do have a large client base. However, when someone you know pitches you a Viridian option, it's easy to be skeptical about it. The offer seems too good to be true and it sounds more like a business pitch rather than a way to save.

Does Viridian Energy Check Out?

Viridian Origins

Crius Energy is the holding company and third-party energy supplier for Viridian Energy Inc. This means that through Viridian, you are effectively purchasing energy from Crius. Since Viridian is a multi-level marketing energy company, imagine a pyramid of people standing between you and your actual supplier.

Viridian's rates are marketed as affordable and responsible, which is true to a certain extent. The company uses renewable energy sources and its sheer size allows it to offer competitive pricing. However, this does not mean that a local company cannot offer a better deal.

Viridian Energy Rates Trouble

Good fixed rates represent the foundation of a good long term deal. Viridian offers different deals with different rates and sometimes the terms of agreement can be a bit confusing. Many consumers have reported that their contracts start off well with low energy rates and after a predetermined period they start to rise. In some cases this even leads to double or triple costs on their energy bill.

If you signed a three year contract and your bills triple early on, this may cost you a large sum of money long before you get a chance to switch. Stories like these can be easily found on the Internet, and they have brought down Viridian's rating on popular review websites such as Yelp.

Can Employees Show Dissatisfaction?

Still, there are Viridian customers who are satisfied with their rates, but a good portion of them are also working the MLM angle. Working as an MLM agent and getting commissions with every new contract can balance out the scale. However, there is a difference between low rates and high rates managed with additional funds.

Viridian Class Action Lawsuit

Rate hikes caused by bad deals have even lead to a class action lawsuit against Viridian Energy in 2015. The deals with a "teaser rate" that's locked in at the beginning and turns into month-to-month variable early on has generated a lot of aggravated customers. This group of customers claim that Viridian has used a typical "bait and switch" tactic and will try to prove the validity of their claim in court.

bad customer service

Bad Customer Service

In the meantime, there are tons of other complains for using unfair tactics. Many Viridian Energy customers claim to be re-enrolled into new contracts without consent. These contracts not only have less favorable rates, but also stipulate that a customer needs to pay an early termination fee that's usually around $50.

Those who are determined to switch anyway, may also encounter difficulty using Viridian's cancellation line. There's a separate customer service line for those that wish to terminate their contract prematurely and it's known to work extra slow.

How Is Luminext Different?

First of all, we create deals with no early termination fees. We feel that our customers should always have the freedom to leave at any time if they manage to find a better deal. In addition, we guarantee lower cost of energy by securing fixed rates throughout the whole length of the contract. Getting you the best rates is our priority, so we will never rush you into a deal.

  • If it is more beneficial to wait a few months, we will advise you to be patient.
  • If we find a better deal after you have already signed up for one, we will contact you again and help you transition.

The other feature that makes us very different is the range of services we offer. When you come to us with the intent to lower your bills, we are willing to explore all options. This includes various solar options as well as a ton of advice on energy efficiency.

The best part of it all is -our services are free of charge. Contact us today and let's find the best way to lower your energy bills.

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