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Utility Bill Comparison with Help from Luminext

Overpaying for energy is more common than you think. A utility bill comparison can shed some light on what you truly pay for and how much you can save per month. Competing energy providers change prices all the time, so it is not uncommon even for a good deal to become less favorable after a while. Both households and companies can benefit a lot from hiring a professional to do a bill comparison and manage their energy suppliers.

Visible Benefits for Households

The utility bill of a household is considerably lower than that of a large business, yet still a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Analyses show that with the right management, a utility bill can be reduced by 30 percent. Our consultants get better prices in energy negotiations and they can give you the best gas and electricity rates available on the market.

A Utility Bill Comparison Can Help Your Business Grow

Taking up an energy broker or consultant is a wise business decision. Choose someone who specializes in energy supply and you can save huge amounts of money each month. Let us do a bill comparison for your business and we will give you an assessment of just how much you can profit by using our services. This newly acquired capital can be used to hire more workers, give employee bonuses or simply buy more energy. Each of these reinvestment options stimulates business and capital growth.

Cut Through the Jargon

Doing a proper utility bill comparison entails some knowledge in how to calculate the right cost of energy. The devil is in the details and it is easy to overlook a crucial factor. Luminext consultants specialize in this sort of calculations, so you can rely on our judgment when it comes to selecting the right energy supplier.

Knowing When to Quit

Our consultants can advise on the right time to cut ties with one supplier and join another. Timing is key and a vigilant Luminext consultants can increase your savings by bringing you the right deal at the right time. We calculate all the expenses including termination penalties. With a proper utility bill comparison and a fair assessment of all the fees involved in a switch, our clients can easily make an informed decision.

Seamless Transitions

Luminext account management services allow you to make seamless transition from one supplier to another. When a better deal is accessible, the switch should be performed without compromising quality of service. With our professionals managing your account, the only difference you will notice is the positive impact on your monthly bill.

Our consultants will also contact you if your current energy contract is nearing its end. We will inform you about all your options and we will help you make a new deal. This way, you will avoid being switched to an unfavorable default tariff at the end of the contract.

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