Use the Energy Brokers to Increase Your Company's Success

The energy brokers represent a valuable resource for every business owner. They provide much needed support and can save you valuable time. Moreover, energy brokers are professional and what they do takes skill that should not be underestimated. Chances are, you need them even more than you can realize.

Let Luminext help you grow.

The Energy Brokers Devote Time

Time is a crucial factor for success and it should not be underestimated by any business owner. Brokers have devoted time to train themselves and they spend a portion of every day familiarizing themselves with the current trends on the energy market. Our Luminext team makes the effort to be always aware of the current situation. In addition, we regularly check and upgrade our knowledge to maintain our level of professionalism.

Luminext Brokers are Quick

The energy brokers working for our team will directly communicate with you. To ensure that information arrive swiftly, we have decided to directly connect you to the person that is looking after your interests. This way you can simply call and get relevant information right away.

Approaching Suppliers at a Different Angle

The energy brokers allow you to approach suppliers at a different angle. When you try to get rates with the help of Luminext, suppliers are more willing to bargain. They know that our Luminext team is highly trained and well aware of all options, so they will try to top the best option available on the market.

Use the strength of the group

Bargaining as a Bigger Client

Luminext Incorporated has many clients and that also poses an advantage in bargaining. The combined business of all of our clients is worth a lot of money to a supplier. When we approach suppliers, they consider all the business we have previously brought them and all future prospects. This allows us to bring the price of energy even lower.

Though prices may vary on the market, you will always get the lowest rates possible. If the lowest one is not a good fit, we will advise you to wait for a market change and we will contact you as soon as we have something that can be of interest.

Brokers at Luminext Work for Free

One of the best things about the energy brokers working at Luminext is that they do not charge you for their services. Brokers earn by connecting the right customers with the right suppliers and that does not affect your bottom line. Consider the broker as an unpaid employee in your company that takes care of your energy expenses.

We will help You Transition

The energy brokers working at Luminext will not only get you the best deal, but also help you during the transition. Our company policy is to not only get you a deal, but also to advise you on the right time to switch. If we feel that you can gain more by waiting a few months, we will not rush you into signing a contract. We will disclose all options and let you decide the course of action.

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