Switch Electricity Suppliers in a Smart Way

Knowing how to switch electricity suppliers is a very handy skill that will find its use over the years. Making one good switch does not mean that you are set for life. The market changes all the time even if you are perfectly satisfied with your rates today, this might not be the case in a few years time. Of course, while the basics might be the same, to do a well informed switch you will need to constantly track the market tendencies.

Do not Blindly Switch Electricity Suppliers

Being unsatisfied with the deal you currently have does not mean that you should blindly switch electricity suppliers. Spending a few days to get good information can save you a lot more money than an impulsive switch. This is why you should read all of this information and maybe even do a little more research before you decide on your supplier for the next couple of years.

Know Your Worth as a Customer

Regardless of how much kilowatts you spend per month, you are bringing the supplier profit. If you are a large business consumer, then quantity will give you an advantage, but that does not mean that residential consumers will get a bad deal. As long as you do not underestimate your value as a customer, you will surely get a better deal.

A Thousand Small are worth More than One Large

When you do a deeper analysis of the market, you may find that some suppliers prefer small instead of large energy consumers. Commercial and residential consumers offer different advantages and there are suppliers that are more interested in what the residential customers have to offer.

Knowing the Average Will not help a Lot

Knowing the average kilowatt price will not help you a lot. A deal with an electrical supplier is similar to a complex math problem that cannot be summed up in one simple number that is universally comparable. The average price per kilowatt contains deals that have been made throughout the whole year, during periods with different energy demand.

High Demand Raises the Price

Most suppliers offer higher fixed rates during peak demand periods. High and peak demand usually occurs in specific months of the year, so you should switch electricity suppliers as far from the peaks as possible. An ideal time to switch would be during spring or fall, as electricity demand peaks during summer and winter.

Be Smart and Use Our Help

Being smart about it does not mean that you have to do all the work. Our Luminext experts will gladly do the work for you. We have a whole team working round the clock to give our customers the best deals available on the market. Contact us and we will do an analysis free of charge. You can expect to receive a plan that includes the right time to switch electricity suppliers along with calculations that show just how much you will save with the new rates. If you prefer to speak directly with one of our representatives, there is also a phone number you can call included in the contact section

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