Solar Powered Generators: Pros and Cons

The solar powered generator is an interesting option that people are now starting to take into consideration. There are some doubts whether it can actually meet the energy needs of a home during a blackout and there are facts to support those for and those against the use of solar power during critical times. This is why we chose to devote an article on examining the pros and cons of owning a solar powered generator. We will mostly discuss facts based on current technology, but we will wrap up mentioning the future potential of these devices.

Solar powered generators: pros and cons

Pros of the Solar Powered Generator

The list of pros of these generators is quite lengthy. The Sun as an energy source offers many advantages and most of them translate to the generators that use it.

P.1 No Exhaust

Unlike fuel and natural gas generators, the solar models do not produce any harmful gases. This makes them safe to use even inside your own home and they do not pollute your immediate surroundings or the environment.

P.2 No Flammable Fuel

No flammable fuel eliminates the risk of accidents should you choose to run the generator within your home. It also makes the generator safer to handle for people who are inexperienced with generator equipment.

P.3 Free Fuel

Free fuel is another big plus for the solar models. Tapping into an infinite amount of fuel for free does come in handy if the power interruption you are experiencing is due to a major problem that cannot be fixed immediately. You can even reduce your energy costs by using the generator to satisfy some of your daily energy needs.

P.4 Silent Operation

The solar powered generator makes absolutely no noise as it does not have a combustion engine. This is another big advantage that allows you to keep the generator indoors.

P.5 Low Maintenance

Unlike the gas and natural gas models, the solar generator has very small maintenance needs. You do not need to check it every few hours and there is no need of filter changes or cool-off periods. It can run continuously, without any interruptions for a very long time.

Cons of the Solar Powered Generator

The list of cons is also not to be taken lightly. Solar generators still have a few deficiencies that could change your mind.

C.1 Higher Upfront Costs

Every generator costs a pretty penny, but the solar generators are more expensive than the alternatives. This may even be due to the fact that the technology is still in its early stages, but if you are getting one in the near future -it will cost you more.

C.2 Weight

Solar generators may be easier to scale but they are quite heavy. Each model has a battery unit, an inverter and panels, which makes its total weight as big as that of a whole residential solar power system.

C.3 Lengthy Recharges & Output

Recharging a solar generator takes time and their output is lower compared to generators that have a combustion engine. Solar models also lack a recharge options during the evening, so you need to be good at rationing electricity.

Future of the Solar Powered Generator

Solar technology is becoming cheaper and more effective each day. To meet its growing demands, the energy storage industry is also working on creating batteries with higher capacities. With more efficient panels and storage, the solar generators of the future could overcome all of the above mentioned cons.

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