Building a Solar Home

Those who want the perfect solar home should prepare for the fact that they will probably have to build it themselves. Building a house from scratch is the only way to ensure that everything will be in line with your vision of an ideal home. Note that though we say build it yourself, you will still need the help of a contractor and an expert or two.

building a solar home

Choose the Right Location and Direction

To ensure that you are getting enough sunlight for your solar home, focus on choosing the right location. Finding a lot that has what you need may take a while, so it is highly important not to work with a strict deadline. Keep in mind that some lots will be deemed incompatible due to the fact that the street orientation does not fit with what you want to build. Other obstacles include large shades from neighboring structures and trees.

A Barren Lot May Prove Advantageous Over a Landscaped Lot

Working on a clear terrain allows you to mold everything exactly the way you imagined it. With no obstacles in sight it is easy to place everything in its right position. Landscaped lots do have a lot of vegetation that looks pretty, but it might reduce your solar potential. As an additional benefit, the barren lot comes at a lower price, so choosing one is both financially and strategically advantageous.

examining the lot prior to purchase

Do Your Research

Do your research well and spend some time on the lot before you decide to purchase it. Observe it for an entire day and check out the conditions during both day and night. You might be building a solar home, but keep in mind that other renewables might also be available at the same location. Check out the wind conditions and try to consider as many factors as possible prior to purchase.

Focus on the Roof

The roof is your best place to set your solar panels. It provides good elevation and the panels can be almost invisible with a well planned design. Make sure you build a roof with enough southern exposure for your PV panels and water heating collectors. Add a lot of lateral beams for support and keep in mind that the angle of the roof is of key importance. The ideal angle for solar panels varies with the latitude of your location, so consult a chart that depicts the relation between latitude and angle.

Let Luminext Help on Your Solar Home Project

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