Use Solar Heat to the Full Extent

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Solar heat can improve your home's energy efficiency in many different ways. The warmth of the Sun is often underestimated when it comes saving energy and this is mainly due to the fact that people prefer to generate electricity from the available sunlight. However, wisely utilizing the heat of the Sun can sometimes be more practical and yield better results.

Think of Solar Heat before Building Your Home

A smart home design can do a lot about temperature regulation on its own. With good positioning of your walls, windows and roof, you can expose your home to exact amount of solar heat you desire. In ideal situations, you wish to have great exposure in the morning, followed by shade in the hours when the Sun is at its peak.

Why is This Important?

Positioning your home well allows you effortless regulation of your interior temperature. The right position will not completely replace your heaters and air conditioners, but it will lower their use. Even if you manage to cut down one hour of use per day, that is a tremendous amount of electricity over a lifetime.

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Good Insulation is Cheaper than Solar

Someone already did the math and worked out that good insulation saves more money than investing in solar. This being said, prior to trying to solar powering your home, make sure that you have decent insulation. A well insulated, solar powered home is highly desired and it will always hold a good market price.

Solar Water Heater

Using solar heat directly is way more efficient than producing electricity from the Sun and then using an electrical water heater. Solar water heaters come in several capacities, so you will need to work out how much hot water you need per day. These calculations can be challenging and that's why we always offer our help.

Contact Luminext

Contact our Luminext team today and let us work together on a solution. We can estimate the best heater capacity for you through a series of questions. The consultation will not cost you a thing and it is free of any obligation. However, when we finally present you with the solution, we are confident that you will not hesitate to go solar.

Different Water Heater Types

Our solutions include not only different capacities, but different types of solar water heaters as well. Depending on where you live, you may need a water heater with extra insulation on the tank, or one that uses antifreeze in the winter. We aim to provide you with an easily sustainable system that will not have any large maintenance needs. You can always count on us to bring you the best the market has to offer in terms of price and quality.

Your Pool Can Use Some Solar Heat as Well

Large water quantities such as the pool require a lot of energy to warm up. The solar cover collects heat, transfers it to the water underneath and keeps it from escaping. It also reduces the usual chemical loss that happens due to evaporation. This may not sound like much, but if you check how much energy the pool heaters use -you will decide to install one immediately.

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