Build a Solar Farm and Farm the Infertile Lands

solar farm

Solar farms are ideal for infertile lands that still get a lot of sun. All you need is a lot of space and a decent connection to the electric grid. Regardless of the scale, a well planned farm is always profitable. There are some big considerations to be made, but afterwards it is just smooth sailing forward. Getting started requires a lot of preparation and effort, so here are a few advices for all who wish to become solar farmers.

Sunny Days Equals Profit

Prior to making any investment make sure that the project is going to be profitable. You need an area with good number of sunny days to decently profit from a solar farm. The overall state of the terrain can also create a few issues. Make sure that there are not any large objects casting shadows over your farm. Uneven terrain may also pose some obstacles as the panels need to be aligned in a specific way. Ideally, you are looking for a large flat surface with no shade in sight.

power lines with sun in the background

Bringing the energy to the Masses

The second thing that every farmer should take into consideration is how the energy will be transported to its final destination. You will need a power purchase agreement that defines the price of the power produced along with expected quantity over a period of time. Once you know the production levels you are looking at, it will be much easier to form the contract.

Possible Hurdles on the Way

Obtaining a PPA is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to strike a deal with the utility company that owns the grid in your area and making this deal can be challenging. Knowledge of the local regulation laws and the current state of the energy market can help a lot in the whole process.

Building and Maintaining the Farm

"Who will do the building?" and "Who will do the maintenance?" are the two largest questions of every aspiring farmer. The answers to both of these questions will determine how profitable your farm will be. The quality of the equipment and the whole assembly cost determines the size of the investment. Prices can differ a lot, especially when it comes to larger farms. Maintenance ensures that your farm will always produce optimal quantities of power. Without regular maintenance, you may miss the chance to produce power with thousands of dollars.

How can Luminext Help You Build Your Ideal Solar Farm?

Our Luminext experts and brokers can help you find the right people to make your dream farm became a reality. Give us a call today and send us the location where you wish to build. We will analyze the area and put you in touch with the right people. Our experts can do the math for you and we will only suggest going forward if we are sure that you will profit from the deal.

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