Select Energy Services to Match Your Needs and Your Beliefs

Select Energy Services to Match Your Needs and Your Beliefs

The deregulated market offers more than just an opportunity to select energy services. It provides you with an opportunity to put money where your mouth is and show support for the alternative energy sources. Rather than protesting against nuclear or big oil, you can simply choose a supplier that brings you energy from renewable sources. This way, the consumers ultimately decide how the energy will be produced. The market is so flexible that you can combine services in many different ways and adjust them to suit both your needs and your beliefs.

Everything Starts with the Deregulation

The number of energy deregulated states in the U.S gets bigger and bigger each year. Some states have only deregulated their gas supply, other just their electrical and some have both. Those who live in a state with deregulated gas and electricity are lucky as they have the freedom to select energy services to match their exact needs. This freedom can be used to get a better price or make concessions according to your beliefs

Select Energy Services and Create a Balance

One of the greatest gifts of deregulation is the ability to create balance between gas and electricity supply. Assess your gas and electricity usage and create separate contracts with different lengths and quantities. Consumption is rarely an even split and the appliances within your home mainly dictate the terms of your contracts. Those who own many gas powered appliances can benefit a lot from a long natural gas service contract with lower rates, combined with an electrical service contract that does not reserve a lot of power. If gas is not that frequently used, create contracts that secure more electricity.

Show Support by Adding a Percentage

Show Support by Adding a Percentage

In this deregulated times, you can select energy services that supply a mix of several energy producers. Some suppliers now allow you to add a percentage of renewable energy in the mix and you can even choose to go 100% renewable. Depending on the state and the energy producers, going 100% renewable may cost a lot, so try to find a balance between price and principle. Showing support for your preferred energy production method can also bring costs down if many join you and use the same.

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Brokers at Luminext are well acquainted with all the market has to offer. We constantly follow new trends and we have loads of experience in tailoring energy contracts. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, so we will hear you out and work with you to get you the best deal possible. Consulting with us does not cost a thing and we are willing to discuss and adjust the offer until it matches your needs and beliefs. Give us a call today and share with us your vision for the future. We will work accordingly and provide you with options in no time.

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