Saving Money on Electricity in the Winter

Winter Savings on Electricity

It is helpful to understand how to start saving money on electricity so that your bills do not get too high for your budget when cold winter weather hits. How much of your hard-earned money did you spend paying your electric bill last winter? If you get tense just thinking about those high bills destined to land in your mailbox this winter, it’s time to put more effort into conserving energy in your home.

Top 5 Winter Tips for Saving Money on Electricity:

The following tips will help you reduce your winter electric bill while staying cozy and warm.

1.  Don’t rely entirely on your heating system for warmth.

Your heating system will cost the most when it is your sole source of warmth. Think of alternative measures to stay warm, including sweatshirts, flannel pajamas and thick socks. When you dress warmer, you can turn the heat down a few degrees without getting cold.

Another potential source of heat is a fireplace. Even if only heats one room or is only suitable until the severely cold weather hits later in the winter, it can help take the chill out of your home without running up the electric bill. Your heating system becomes the backup if you use your alternative heat sources whenever possible.

2.  Saving money on electricity with efficient use of electric appliances.

When you want to conserve gas in your car, you try to do all of your running at once and plan the trip so that you don’t backtrack and waste gas. The same goes for conserving energy at home. Rather than running several small loads of dishes through the washer during the day, collect the dishes in the washer and run one full load at the end of each day.

The same goes for washing laundry. Avoid running small or partial loads as much as possible. Wait until you have a full load so that you aren’t running the machine constantly for small loads. Not only does this help you conserve electricity, but it will help conserve water as well.

The same logic applies to every electric appliance in your home. Run them efficiently so that less energy is used over a day, week and month.

3.  Don’t neglect maintenance on your heating system and electric appliances.

When was the last time a technician looked at your heating system? Do you change the filters on a routine basis? Have you ever cleaned the coil on your fridge? Maintenance calls may seem like a waste of money, but they can save you money by keeping your heating system running efficiently with far fewer breakdowns. You may want to have your vents cleaned as well.

4.  Update windows and doors as needed.

Older doors and windows may allow drafts that force your heating system to work harder. If you can afford the upgrade to energy-efficient windows and doors, you can significantly lower your heating bill for many winters to come. Even adding caulk around the outer edges of an older window can help.

5.  Know your rights if you live in a deregulated market.

Has your state deregulated the electric industry for your area? If so, you may have the choice to switch to a new energy provider and save money automatically. As the temperatures start to drop, it is the perfect time to look into your options and consider making the switch if it works in your favor.

If you live in a regulated area, then you have no choice but to to to start saving money on electricity as much as possible through your daily behaviors. Fortunately, saving money on electricity does not stop with these five tips.

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