Saving Electricity: Dishes and Laundry Edition

When we discuss saving electricity, we often underestimate how much energy it takes to do the laundry and the dishes. Both the washing machine and the dishwasher use significant amounts of electricity and there are several ways to lower their impact on the electricity bill. With a few tips and a small adjustment of the daily routine, the electricity spent by these appliances can be cut in half.

Doing the Laundry Can be a Lot More Effective

No one enjoys doing the laundry, so approaching this process to increase its efficiency can be welcomed with skepticism. Still, the changes you need to make to ensure lower electricity consumption are a piece of cake.

Saving Electricity with a Cold Wash

Believe it or not, most machine washing detergents perform well even with a cold wash program. Cold washes are easier on textile colors and they help avoid fading. As long as there are no major stains on the clothes, a cold and a warm wash will deliver the exact same results. If you want to use a cold wash on stained clothes, first treat the stain locally and try to remove it.

Wash Less Often

A full washing machine is an efficient washing machine. Regardless of how many clothes are inside, the washing machine uses the same amount of water and the washing cycle is always equally long. This means that saving electricity can only be achieved if we reduce the frequency of use and make sure that the machine is always operating near max capacity.

Get a Front-Loading Machine

Front-loading machines may seem odd at first, but they are a very similar concept to the top loader. The difference is that a front-loader uses a lot less water in the washing process, so if you are still set on doing a warm wash, at least this way you will be heating smaller quantities of water.

Opt for Air-Drying

There is no denying that a dryer comes in handy when you are in a hurry or the weather outside is just terrible. However, in all other cases it is simply an unnecessary luxury. If you do not feel comfortable with drying clothes out in the open, buy a couple of drying racks and hang the clothes in the laundry room.

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Saving Electricity through Proper Dishwashing

Dishwashing is another area where saving electricity is possible with just a few small adjustments. Large dishwashers are more energy efficient than the small ones, but this fact is only true if they are compared at full capacity. Buy a larger dishwasher and just fill it up with dishes after each meal. Turn it on at the end of the day when it is almost full and you will get the most efficient wash.

Baking Dishes and Saucepans

Saucepans and baking dishes usually require a higher temperature setting and a lot of space in the dishwasher. They are awkwardly shaped and they do not stack well inside a dishwasher. To keep them from interfering with your electricity saving regime, you will need to wash them by hand. Just soak them in some water and detergent and they will be easy to scrub clean after half an hour.

Want to Save More?

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