Save on Electricity with a Managed Account with Luminext

Save on Electricity with a Managed Account

If you want to save on electricity, you may be interested to know that Luminext Energy offers a free managed account for all residential consumers purchasing natural gas or electricity services within a deregulated area. If your area has recently deregulated the energy sector and you aren’t certain how to go about comparing rates from different suppliers and negotiating an affordable contract, a managed account will give you direct access to insider information that makes that process much easier.

If deregulation is nothing new in your area but you haven’t taken steps to consider switching to a new provider within the last year or two, you may also benefit from our managed account. This gives you the opportunity to analyze all of the suppliers offering services in your area without spending time doing the comparisons yourself. Our brokers have direct access to aggregated information about many different suppliers, so we can make the comparison process fast and easy. We can also help you lower the cost of switching services if your current provider charges a fee to break your contract.

What Is a Managed Account?

A managed energy brokerage account essentially turns the hard work of securing the best deal on energy over to our well-trained, experienced brokers. Right now, you probably have to do all of that work yourself, from comparing offers from different suppliers to negotiating the terms of service for your home. This takes time, and you aren’t likely to get the best rates if you don’t have in-depth knowledge about the electricity market.

When you sign up for a free managed account, our professionals analyze your electricity needs and compare that to extensive knowledge about all suppliers serving your local area. We also negotiate deals and analyze bids received so that you end up with the best possible rate and exceptional terms of service. We even make sure you receive dependable, professional customer service once you make the switch to a better priced electricity supplier.

You aren’t helpless when you sign up for a managed account. We want to become your partner as you search for more affordable energy, so you are always encouraged to learn about the electricity market so that you understand why one supplier is recommended for your account rather than others that you may be more familiar with.

Remember, the best energy suppliers don’t always rely on advertising directly to consumers, so you may have options that you aren’t even aware of at this point. When you work through a brokerage managed account, you know that all opportunities presented are in your best interest, so you avoid scams. For instance, you will secure an affordable fixed rate so that your supplier can’t increase the price after you sign up for services. Fixed rates are available from many suppliers in most areas, and they make it much easier to budget your electric bill.

Save on Electricity Even More Through Our Consultation

Your managed account may also give you insight into additional ways to save on electricity bills. We can help you analyze your current energy consumption behaviors and make some small changes that will save you a lot of money in the long term. You may find some of these strategies online, but you don’t have to waste time searching for it when you sign up for partnership with our energy brokerage.

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