Save Electricity at Home While Enjoying Your Vacation

Many people do not realize that they can save electricity at home while they are vacationing. This is generally due to the fact that they do not perceive how much electricity is spent even when their house is empty. With the thermostat on and all electronic appliances still plugged in, a home actually spends quite a lot. If this sounds concerning, worry not as there are ways to remedy the situation. With a few simple adjustments, the wasteful spending can be brought down to a minimum.

Save Electricity at Home While Enjoying Your Vacation

Always Start with the Thermostat

Those who have previously explored ways to save electricity at home know that a few degrees on a thermostat make a huge difference on the monthly bill. With this fact in mind, imagine how much you can save if you lower the thermostat to the bare minimum during a winter holiday.Turning of the heating altogether might not be an option, as temperatures below zero can damage your pipes. Still, your home without you and your family in it can survive without any damage at just above freezing temperature.

The Summer Version

If you are leaving on a summer vacation, you can switch cooling off altogether. There are fewer drawbacks to your home not being cold enough, so you have nothing to worry about. Do not forget to turn off ceiling fans as well. Leaving them on is simply pointless as they only regulate body temperature.

Special Considerations

Using the thermostat rule to save electricity at home has some special considerations that everyone should be aware of. For example, the plant life in your home might require higher temperature to survive. The same goes for fish bows and fish tanks that depend on room temperature. If the tank has its own heater, you have nothing to worry about except for finding someone to feed the fish, as for the plant life, you can try to move all plants to a neighbor's house while you are out of town.

full fridge

Save Electricity at Home by Cleaning Out Your Fridge

There are two facts about the fridge that you should be aware of; the fridge spends a lot of energy during the whole year and a full fridge is more energy efficient than an empty fridge. These two facts could be viewed as two separate problems that can be answered with separate solutions.

Clean Out and Switch Off

To save electricity at home while vacationing, your best option is to clean out and switch off the freezer. Most of the food you keep inside it will undoubtedly spoil if you are away for a long time, so just throw out what is left and give the freezer a good cleanse with a mild dish detergent. Remember to plug it off, leave the door open and place a box of baking soda inside to prevent mold from gathering.

Fill it Up

If you have goods that can survive your absence, but the fridge is still half-empty then use water jugs to fill it up. Place cold water jugs on all levels to mimic the effect of a full fridge and you will drastically improve its efficiency.

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