Residential Solar Power Kits for Do-It-Yourselfers That Want to Save Energy

Residential Solar Power Kits

Residential solar power kits are commonly underestimated as a way to save. If you have some technical background, installing solar panels from a kit is actually not that difficult. Kits have everything you might need to properly install the panels and they come with detailed instruction on what you need to do. With some help from the kit's manual and the Internet, you can add solar to your home and save as much as 20% on the whole price of the system.

What do Residential Solar Power Kits Contain?

The short answer would be that residential solar power kits contain everything you need. Still, let's go over what you may expect to find in a kit of this type. First of all there are two types of kits you can encounter:

  • grid-tie kits
  • grid-independent kits

They both come with different installation components, so make sure you know which one you need. If you are not sure about it, visit the guide where we explain the benefits of grid-connected and independent solutions.


Residential solar power kits contain different numbers of panels. Kit specifications always include number of panels included along with the maximum output they can deliver. Combining kits can be tricky, so try to find a kit that fits your exact energy needs.

Learn how to plan residential solar power systems for your home.


Inverters are also part of every standard kit. Their job is to convert the direct current from the panels to alternate current. An inverter's capacity is limited, so use the inverter from a kit solely for the panels provided with the kit. Purchasing additional panels and running them through the same inverter will cause electrical trouble.

Support Equipment

Wiring, panel mounts, nuts and bolts are all included in a kit. Different kits provide different combinations of support parts, but most of them will supply all that you need. Those who are considering grid-independent solutions can even find kits with backup batteries.


Remember that the instruction booklet is there for a reason. It contains specific information about your kit and it will help you build an effective solar solution for your home. Do not skip over any steps and always follow instructions to the letter.

Installation Costs are Nothing to Sneeze at

A twenty percent cost reduction is a huge deal when it comes to solar installations. Given that the average cost of an installed watt is around $3, cutting installation costs on just one kilowatt would mean $600 in savings. Average households need 3 to 5 kilowatts, so the total savings may go up to $3000.

make sure you take all precautions when dealing with electricity.

Make Sure You do it Right

Still, every opportunity to gain also comes with the risk of potential losses. For example, errors made the installation procedure can lead to lower panel efficiency and even equipment damage. Those who want to use residential solar power kits should know how to handle electricity as there is also the risk of electrocution.

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