Renewable Energy Facts and Tips

Renewable energy facts have become quite popular since the world joined up in an effort to lower the emissions of greenhouse gases. Moreover, renewable sources have created a huge success boom and now facts generally work in their favor. Going green has become not only environmentally responsible, but also quite lucrative. Our list aims to mention and discuss a few of these facts.

Renewable Energy Facts

1. A Lot of Energy Sources are Renewable

Renewable talks usually revolve around solar and wind, but those are not the only two renewable resources. Every natural resource that replenishes itself counts as renewable. Aside from the obvious two, hydropower, wave power, tidal power, geothermal energy and biomass are also part of the renewable family.

There is evidence of a water driven wheel dating as far back as 300 B.C

2. Renewable Energy has been Around for Centuries

Though they became popular in the last decade or two, renewable sources have been used for centuries. Archeologists have even uncovered windmills and watermills that are over 2000 years old. The use of the Sun as a source of energy has also been popular throughout the ages and biomass can be traced as a source of energy since caveman times.

3. Renewable Energy is cleaner and in most Cases Cheaper

Cleaner and cheaper are amongst the greatest selling points of renewable energy. However, while "cleaner" is non-debatable, "cheaper" depends on where you actually live. To find out whether renewable offers you the cheapest rates, you can always use free help from our consultancy.

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4. Renewable Energy Creates More Jobs

Renewable energy facts often include the job perspectives. According to many sources, every dollar invested in renewables creates 3 times more jobs than investments in oil or gas. This might be true for now, but have in mind that renewable energy is now in its rapid growth stage. Once everything is built and installed, fewer people are needed to maintain it. Still, the demand for renewables is expected to rise in the next three decades, so renewables do create jobs in the foreseeable future.

Solar Energy for Business

5. 100% Renewable is not Just a Dream

Talks about using 100% renewable energy sounded like science-fiction in the past, but now they start to look like realistic goals. Many states have pledged to raise their renewable energy capacities by year 2050 and the numbers are just going to go up from there.

5.1 Technology Rises to the Occasion

In addition, there have been several technological improvements that make harnessing renewable resources easier and more efficient. This means that the renewable potential starts to look more attractive even for energy suppliers. Modern solar and wind farms are far easier and cheaper to build than a traditional plant. This means a faster return of investments and more profits for those who produce electricity from renewable energy.

6. Renewable Energy Facts become more Impressive Every Day

The renewable industry has still not risen to its full potential, so we can expect to see even more impressive renewable energy facts in the future. Cheaper energy rates, cleaner environment and improved quality of living are among the expected results of the increased use of renewables.

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