Tips and Facts for Reducing Energy Costs

Bulbs for Reducing Energy Costs

Reducing energy costs is not an impossible task if you follow these great tips.

Are you tired of following your family members around the house to make sure they turn out the lights when they leave a room just to save a few bucks on your energy bill? Do you find it inconvenient to unplug all of your appliances, and then plug them back in over and over when you need to use them? Simple tips to conserve energy and keep your bills as low as possible can only get you so far.

Top Tips for Reducing Energy Costs:

Right now is the time to consider some harder-hitting tips that will make a noticeable dent in your monthly bills.

1.  Sync Household Chores to the Weather

Do you usually throw a load of laundry into the wash whenever it’s convenient? What about running dishes through the washer or baking cookies for the kids? These household tasks can have an effect on the temperature inside your home, so you need to consider what time of day you do them during certain weather patterns. If the oven increases the temperature inside and you don’t want your air conditioning running all day, then save the baking for later in the evening or stay up late to warm the house during cooler hours.

2.  Maintain Your System

Do you change the filters in your heating and air conditioning system on a routine basis? Do you have a technician check for malfunctioning parts and clean your system as needed? If not, book a maintenance appointment immediately. This will ensure your system operates efficiently and can reduce your chances of a system breakdown which can cost you a lot of money in emergency repairs.

Switch off lights when you walk out of a room

3.  Make the Rounds

Reducing energy costs does not mean being the light Nazi in your home. Just make it a habit to walk through your home whenever you leave and before you go to bed. Check for lights that are left on, make sure the refrigerator is shut all the way, and unplug any appliances that you aren’t going to use in the near future. If you do this every time you leave the home and before sleeping each night, you will catch many of the forgotten lights and other energy wasters.

4.  Cook with Less Energy

The longer you operate your stove and oven, the more energy you are using to make all of your meals. Try to do more of your cooking on electric griddles or in microwaves and crockpots so that you use less energy. Depending on how many meals you typically cook at home, this can bring noticeable savings on your utility bills.

5.  Hire a Consultant

Energy consultancies don’t charge consumers anything for their services, and they can save you up to 30% on your energy bills. If you hire a consultant to handle your business energy services, then you could see savings as high as 30%. To get those savings, a consultant will analyze your needs and shop around all available services in your area to get the best rate and terms of service possible. The savings will far surprise what you save by stalking your loved ones to remind them to turn their bedroom light out for reducing energy costs.

There are LED and CFL replacements for just about any light in your home

6.  Reconsider Your Bulbs

Are you using energy-efficient light bulbs? If not, change them out immediately. You still want to turn lights out when you aren’t in the room, but energy-efficient bulbs will save you money even when they are in use.

7.  Don’t Set It and Forget It

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is setting their heat or air conditioner to one temperature and forgetting about it. When you aren’t at home, set it to keep the system from turning on to heat or cool an empty house. You may also turn it off when the weather allows you to open the windows or cool with box fans or window units.

8.  Don’t Scald the Water

What is your water heater set at? It doesn’t need to be any higher than 120-degrees in most homes, but the default setting is often higher. The less energy you spend heating water, the lower your monthly bills.

The most important of these tips for reducing energy costs and lowering your bills is to hire an energy consultant. That is where you will see the most substantial savings on your energy bills.

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