Commercial Natural Gas Services for Less

Natural Gas Services for Less

If you are using commercial natural gas services and could trim $1,000 from your natural gas bill in the next few months, what could you do with that money? Your mind is probably spinning with all of the expenses your business has to absorb on a monthly basis, and you know there are much better ways to spend $1,000 than on energy to keep your office running comfortably.

Here’s the good news: you can save up to 30% on your energy bills when you join forces with Luminext Energy. Our professional energy brokers consult with you to determine your needs and assess your current energy consumption patterns. Once we obtain just a bit of information from you, we can start analyzing a variety of energy plans from different providers to find the best rates and contractual terms for your company.

Natural gas is a requirement for operating your business, but paying massive bills isn’t required. In fact, the lower your energy bills, the more profit your business can enjoy. Start thinking about where you can relocate the money you save because savings are on the way when you work with our professional brokers.

Your Business is Unique

When many business owners start to search for the lowest natural gas rates, they begin by looking beyond their business to the service providers in their area. This is always the wrong approach because they bypass the most beneficial starting point: their own needs and expectations.

You have to understand how your natural gas usage trends and articulate your expectations when it comes to working with an energy provider. Only then can you determine whether an energy provider meets your criteria and can deliver the services you need and expect.

Analysis at Your Fingertips

Are you thinking that you don’t have time to start analyzing your own needs and usage and then analyzing the market? It’s a lot like creating long reports or putting together presentations, but these reports and presentations aren’t a part of your daily operations. You may not have time to take on the extra work, but you do want to enjoy the savings that comes as a result of the work.

The best solution is to leave the technical analysis and market research on natural gas services to our energy professionals. We know how to assess your company’s needs and match them up to specific energy plans offered by service providers serving your local area. This is done in a timely manner so that you start to benefit from lowered rates as quickly as possible.

You take care of your day-to-day operations and leave the analysis and comparisons in the hands of our professionals. While you earn your company higher profits, we will work to earn you savings on your natural gas bill.

The Why and How of Natural Gas Service Savings

If you’re wondering how we convince your local energy providers to offer lower rates than they may offer you individually, it all comes down to volume. Just as you may lower your rates a little to give discounts to companies bringing in a high volume of business, energy providers are willing to do the same thing for brokerages representing a large number of consumers within their service area.

You benefit from lower rates along with fellow businesses and possibly some residential consumers in your local area. The bills start reflecting better energy rates, you receive better customer service when it is needed, and you know that your needs are met because your professional energy broker put your needs first.

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