5 Reason to Use a Natural Gas Service

Natural gas services offer many benefits to those who are open to using an alternate option to electricity. They represent a cleaner way of getting things done and in many cases, they are more efficient than electricity. Price, efficiency, safety, cleanliness and abundance are the five main reasons to consider switching your appliances to natural gas.

5 Reason to Use a Natural Gas Service


Since money is the number one incentive to do anything these days, the price of natural gas should be the first reason noted. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity, heating oil and even propane. Those looking to lower their energy bill should always choose natural gas if it is one of the offered options.

2. Efficient

Natural gas is highly efficient. From source to destination, the total loss of energy is around 10 percent. That means that 90 percent of what is produced from a gas well is spent productively at the other end. Electricity works with higher loss rates. The total loss from production to delivery is estimated around 60 percent.

3. Safe

gas safety inspection

Gas is more than safe to be in your home. There are numerous security measures put in place to avoid exposing the inhabitants of a home to any harmful elements from the gas line. With so many safety valves and other measures in place, gas explosions became a thing that you only see in action movies. Moreover, the devices that ran on gas are strictly regulated and must undergo thorough testing. Safety is a number one priority and nothing is left to chance.

4. Natural Gas Services Provide Clean Energy

The notion that electricity is the cleanest source of energy is just a myth. We only see cables and plugs on our sides, but somewhere out there is a coal or a nuclear plant that produces this electricity. Gas is much cleaner if you look at the whole picture and more and more people are starting to understand that. This is why the number of customers using natural gas services is rising each day.

4.1 Gas Burns Cleaner

Gas is also cleaner if you compare its greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint to those of coal and oil. In fact, a household running on gas will reduce its carbon footprint by 43 percent. Even if you try to implement all electricity saving measures, it is almost impossible to bring down the carbon footprint to that level.

5. Domestic Product with Big Reserves

Natural gas is a domestic product. Almost all gas used in the U.S comes from U.S soil. Setting patriotism aside, this means that there is no intermediary that we have to negotiate with to get our monthly supply of gas. Dealing directly allows us to secure the best possible service and rates. Moreover, the country's reserves of natural gas are expected to last over 100 years. Even with a massive market expansion, these quantities of gas are enough to last us more than a lifetime.

U.S. Natural Gas Use 2014

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