Natural Gas Rates: Leave the Negotiations to a Professional

Natural gas rates fluctuate so much that they provide newsworthy changes to merit a new report every week. It is hard to determine the rates that are excellent, reasonable or simply unfavorable, as it is hard to predict what lies in the near future. However, with some professional help, you can choose fixed rates that will save you money over a long period of time.

Natural Gas Rates

All Factors in Play

There are many different factors that influence the price of the natural gas rates. Some of them are quite obvious, while other require some explanation. To understand why you may need some assistance, you first have to acquire a good understanding of the problem.

Seasonal Changes

Since gas is also used for heating, rates go up and down with the shift of the seasons. You can expect to get very different offers during the summer and the winter, as there is a huge difference in demand. Even if the weather in spring becomes uncharacteristically warm, it can affect the price of gas drastically.

Industry Expansion

The gas market also varies a lot depending on industry expansions. If industry starts to expand in your region, you start competing for a resource with a consumer that is a lot larger and has better bargaining power. Even the yearly usage of a typical household cannot compete with the single month usage of a small factory.

Turning on the gas

Production Costs

With an increased demand suppliers may also experience a rise in production cost. Currently, 90 percent of the gas we use comes from domestic sources. If the demands cannot be met with our domestic capacity, the suppliers will most likely have to import gas which will also drastically affect the rates.

Other Factors Influence Natural Gas Rates

There are other factors that influence the price of the natural gas indirectly. For example, the prices of the other energy resources also cause fluctuations on the gas market. Electricity and gas have an obvious tie as they are both used for heating, but you can also see the price of gas shifting in accordance with the crude oil price.

How can we Help?

Hiring consultants to assess your gas usage and help you make a better deal is a smart move. With all these factors in play, finding the right gas supplier and rates can be a full time job.

Brokers Get Better Deals

A broker can always give you a better offer than what you can get on your own. This is mainly due to the fact that the broker has greater bargaining power. One broker often represents hundreds of households, so the broker's business is desired by the suppliers. Side with a greater force and use the advantage it presents.

Tailoring a Contract to Match Your Needs

Another way a broker can help you is by tailoring a contract according to your needs.The length of the contract and the decision when to switch are highly dependent on your individual gas use. Different rules apply to households that heat on gas and those that use this resource in moderation. Our Luminext team is prepared to handle every scenario, so contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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