Natural Gas Availability Influences Your Rates

Natural gas availability is a factor that has a big influence on your rates. Of course, forming the price of gas is a complicated math problem, but this is one of the factors that can be easily followed. If you live in a state with deregulated gas, you can use this factor to your advantage. Knowing the availability trends can help you determine the best time to make a new contact with your supplier or simply warn you when you should be more modest with your gas use.

Natural Gas Availability in the US

One of the great things about living in the US is that we use over 90 percent domestic natural gas. There is no need to import as our reserves can support both our households and our industry. Gas is readily available almost everywhere and this is why many have decided to convert their heating oil systems to modern gas ones. Not needing to import gas makes us more resistant to big price fluctuations, but that does not mean that prices do not rise with the demand.

Looking for a Fixed Rate Deal?

Gas has one advantage over electricity, and that is the fact that its demand peaks only once per year. Electricity prices peak during the summer as well, as consumption rises with every AC in the states working hand to keep the temperature down. Gas consumption on the other hand is at its lowest during the hot season. This provides a good opportunity to strike a favorable deal with the gas suppliers.

Late Spring and Early Fall Work as Well

Keep in mind that natural gas availability changes gradually, so late spring and early fall can also be good periods to get a new deal. Consider your current contract as a factor, as it surely has an end date and early termination fees defined. Try to create a balance between the pros and cons of early contract termination and getting better rates. It is also worth noting that your rates may also depend on whether or not you use gas throughout the whole year. Those who use gas for cooking and heating water year round will have a slight advantage when looking for a fixed rate deal.

Variable Rate Users Feel the Change in Availability

Those that use variable rates are directly impacted by the change in natural gas availability. As demand grows, variable rates rise and the change is notable on every gas bill. Highest demand periods are during December and January, so try not to waste any gas during the coldest months.

Other Notable Influences on Rates

Natural gas availability may lower due to other factors such as exports and economic growth. Large consumers like factories can create a demand that is not easy to match. Also, keep in mind that the amount of gas in storage plays a large role in availability. When gas exports rise and there is little gas in storage, the rates will rise regardless of the demand being unchanged.

Let Luminext Worry about Everything

Since there are many factors in play, it is highly advisable to let a professional negotiate your gas rates. Our Luminext experts are familiarized with everything that influences natural gas availability and they are prepared to get you the best deal at any given time.

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