Can Natural Gas Air Conditioners Actually Save You Money?

Natural gas air conditioners are nothing new. They used to be quite popular in the 40ties and they were a U.S top choice till the 60ties when electrical models took over the market. Cheap electricity and the improved energy efficiency of the electrical models almost put all natural gas ACs out of commission. However, a lot has changed since the 60ties. 

Can Natural Gas Air Conditioners Actually Save You Money?

Energy has become a scarce resource and natural gas seems to be one of the cheapest energy sources available in the U.S. This provides a good chance for natural gas air conditioners to return to their former glory.

Modern Natural Gas Air Conditioners

When speaking about natural gas ACs, we are not referring to the outdated technology that almost died out in the 60ties. Gas models continued to develop and modern models have very high energy efficiency. In fact, 30 percent of all air conditioners in Japan run on natural gas. Things still have not picked up in the U.S. but when convincing numbers start showing up around the world, we will surely be quick to follow.

Using fans can help you spend less on air conditioning

Gas Creates a Smaller Environmental Footprint

Since global warming started becoming a major concern, the environmental footprint became another good selling point. Currently, natural gas creates a smaller environmental footprint so we can count that as an additional check on the pros list. Still, as things develop and we start generating more electrical energy out of renewables, this fact may change.

Residential Options

Around two thirds of all U.S homes have air conditioners and almost all of the units are electrical. They draw huge amounts of electricity and even a small change in efficiency can make a large difference globally. Unfortunately, modern natural gas ACs are only effective when cooling large areas. This makes them a bad substitute in the residential sector, but since there is interest in the technology, we may see an effective natural gas residential AC in the near future.

Commercial Options

Natural gas air conditioners can efficiently regulate the temperature in any area larger than 2000 cubic feet. This makes them very suitable for commercial use. Large office buildings, warehouses and hangars can all benefit from an AC that runs on gas. Of course, the units are a bit more expensive, but they require little maintenance and last a very long time.

Low Cost Fuel for the Foreseeable Future

Effective savings can only be assured if natural gas prices remain low. This should not be a problem since gas is a domestic resource that we have an abundance of. You can secure lowest gas rates at any time with help from our Luminext consultants.

Even if you are not planning on using natural gas air conditioners, low gas rates can save you a lot of money. Just give us a call and let's discuss your energy needs. You can also leave you basic info in our contact form and we will reply within two business days with an offer lower than your current contract. We may even surprise you with other energy saving options that you have not even considered.

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