The Difference Between an MLM Energy Company and an Energy Consultancy

MLM energy company

Tempted to use an MLM energy company? -Of course you are! These types of companies usually make shiny offers too good to be true. Their extravagant offers make some people join without hesitation, while other immediately start to question whether or not it is some sort of a scam.

We often get asked about the validity of the offers made by MLM companies, so we decided to write an article explaining some of the main questions that pop up.

Is the Offer Made by a Certain MLM Energy Company a Scam?

Well, in most cases no. However, it does not mean that the offer is as marvelous as presented. Most people have a bad habit of not bothering to read the fine print and that gets them in a lot of trouble. Even when an MLM deal turns sour, you can probably find that stated somewhere in the legally binding document.

MLM energy sales representatives often misrepresent facts

Can MLM Agents be Trusted?

The answer is again, in most cases no. Now why is that? Well, take into account the motivation these agents have. MLM agents are driven by financial incentives and bonuses tied to adding new customers to their MLM network. This means that they are more interested in their bottom line rather than lowering your bills.

A single energy company cannot have the best offer for everyone. The contract they offer may be far from the best one on the market, but it is not in their best interest to offer the cheaper alternatives.

"M" Stands for Marketing

There is also the question of qualifications. MLM agents usually have no prior energy brokerage experience -they are energy customers that decided to turn a profit from the MLM concept. This means that the limited training they have was more focused on marketing and making a sale, rather than understanding what they are selling.

Why Can't an MLM Energy Company Give You the Best Deal?

It's all about how many mouths you need to feed. The pyramid structure of an MLM company allows multiple agents to benefit from one deal, and the number rarely stops at two or three. The more people between you and your service, the more expensive it becomes. MLM companies are not similar to having a middle man -the actual situation resembles to having a crowd in the middle.

But Doesn't More People Mean Better Customer Service?

Not in the slightest. Nobody up the chain is responsible for a client except the one who signs him up. Some MLM energy companies do have a separate customer service, but there are no guarantees that anyone will be heavily invested in sorting out your difficulties with the energy supplier.

Can Becoming an MLM Agent Actually Pay Out?

There are those who have managed to successfully work the system and even earn money through an MLM energy company. However, the real questions are "How much money?" and "How much time was invested?"

MLM flaws infographic

Earning in an MLM energy company is always presented as a great opportunity to earn money the easy way. You are showered with terminology such as "free energy", "signing bonuses" and "monthly commissions". However, in many cases, it may take you months of work even before you can even cover your energy bill.

So, What Makes Luminext Different?

Everything! For starts, there are no signup fees when you decide to use our services. We represent all suppliers in your region, rather than just one. Our judgment is impartial and we are paid a same amount regardless of where we refer you. This means that we have the freedom to get you the lowest offer and even bargain on your behalf.

Our company is filled with educated professionals who know how the energy market works and can always spot the best deal. We are in no rush to sign you in, or make you do any work for us, so if we determine that you can benefit more by waiting a couple of months -we will advise you to wait.

As a consultancy, we will continue to care for you even when the deal is signed. In fact, we are equally easy to reach before and after the deal is made. Our agents may even contact you mid-contract if an exciting new saving opportunity arises. Give us a call and let's discuss all the ways you can save. We are not claiming to offer free electricity, but we will deliver the next best thing.

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