Lower Utility Bills for Your
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Lower Utility Bills

If you have been looking into how to lower utility bills for your business, you have probably learned that the deregulated energy market is complex.

You are no longer forced to simply sign up for the only electricity service available in your area and pay the bill when it comes in with no choice in the matter. You no longer have to cringe at the amount of those bills, knowing that you have no other choice but to pay them or get your services shut off. Deregulation means you have the right to choose which company generates the electricity supplied to every office your business maintains, but that brings a lot of responsibility.

You now have the responsibility to thoroughly understand and analyze your local market so that you can select the best service provider for your business. You also have the responsibility to work directly with providers to ensure that they give you the best rate available for your offices. If you fail to live up to either of these responsibilities, your business will end up paying more for electricity than necessary.

The more you pay for energy services, the less profit you have available to pay your employees and invest back into your business. If you can lower utility bills by 10%, or possibly more, wouldn’t you jump at that opportunity? Our energy consultancy can give you that opportunity.

Why Do You Need a Partner to Lower Utility Bills?

There are a variety of reasons that commercial businesses are now taking energy consultants or brokers on as partners in the deregulated energy market:

Business Partners
  • They have struggled to secure affordable energy rates by contacting services directly.
  • They know that they aren’t getting the best rate but aren’t sure how to go about securing a better rate.
  • They aren’t sure that switching to a new company is the best option, and they want a professional, objective opinion.
  • Small business owners don’t have time or expertise to navigate the complex energy market, so they hand the job over to professionals willing to work on their behalf.

Do you identify with any of those situations? Or do you have another situation that proves you need some assistance getting the best rate from your local energy market? If so, you need a partner because they bring expertise and experience that can help you get a better deal on your energy rates. Those better deals will bring you lower utility bills and in turn more money for other expenses.

How Low Can You Go?

Even a slight reduction in your electricity bill can make a significant difference in your bottom line. Add up what your company has spent on electricity over the past year, and then subtract up to 30% of that figure. You could potentially lower utility bills and save that much over the next year of your service, and some businesses save an even higher percentage when they make the right switch at the right time.

Our energy consultants will help you identify all of the following:

  • Whether a switch is in your favor
  • The right switch
  • The right time for a switch
  • The correct procedure to make the switch seamlessly

This goes beyond calling up a few service providers and asking for their current rates. Smart businesses go through the process of negotiating a better rate and getting all services interested in securing their business. This takes advantage of the competitive nature of the deregulated market and ensures the best rates possible.

Timing your switch is just as important as determining that you need to make one. Working with an energy consultant is the best way to determine if, when and how you make a switch on behalf of your business.

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