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Excellent Customer Service

Low cost gas and electricity do not mean that you have to settle for bad service. In many consumer markets, “you get what you pay for” is a truth that you cannot ignore.

Popular products hit the market with steep price tags and are soon knocked off, giving way to less expensive products that offer the same benefits. In many cases, the cheaper knockoffs are designed with lower-quality materials or cut other corners that reduce their value slightly, and sometimes significantly. This is why many people would rather pay higher prices for brand name goods.

The natural gas and electricity markets don’t really follow the same logic. If you decide to switch from your local utility company to a competitive energy provider, you can expect to receive the same quality of service that you would receive from the utility company. You won’t notice a difference in the quality of gas or electricity entering your home, but you will pay substantially less.

One area that you may notice a difference in service is customer service. Utility companies are notorious for offering less-than-courteous customer service. Many will leave you on hold for long periods of time only to realize that the agent handling your concern doesn’t understand the company’s policies or can’t answer your questions due to lack of training and expertise.

When you work with Luminext to negotiate lower energy prices, you also get higher-quality customer service as part of the package. If you have questions about your service, think something on your bill is inaccurate, or have other problems that you need to report, you will receive prompt attention from knowledgeable agents armed with accurate information.

Why Does Customer Service Matter?

You may not think much about customer service when comparing rates for energy service providers because you assume that the right provider will deliver exceptional service. Exceptional, smooth service means you will never have a reason to sit on hold waiting for a customer service agent to answer your questions or solve problems.

Unfortunately, you never know what is going to happen with your electricity and natural gas services. If there is an outage in your area, you need to contact your service provider so that the service is restored as soon as possible. The best providers will respond to those reports immediately, ensuring that you aren’t waiting for service to be restored for long periods of time.

Customer service also extends to providing information and answering questions which have nothing to do with the quality of service received on the typical day. You may question something on your bill or have a question about your overall energy usage and conservation habits. The best service providers will answer those questions with accuracy, and you can’t always get that level of service from your local utility company.

Luminext to the Rescue

The best way to secure the lowest energy rates and the best customer service is to work with a reputable energy consultancy like Luminext. Our professional consultants can answer your questions, help you compare all of your options, and then negotiate the best contract terms on your behalf.

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