How to Save on Electricity in the Winter

"How to save on electricity?" is a question that we often ask ourselves regardless of the season. Nobody likes paying a high electricity bill, especially in the winter, when energy expenses peek through the roof. Fortunately, there are many different ways to lower electricity bills, and a large portion of them require little or no monetary investment.

How to Save on Electricity in the Winter

How to Save on Electricity within Your Home

Lowering electricity bills within your home can be divided in two main categories. Homes can save a considerable amount of money by:

  • cutting down electricity consumption
  • lowering electricity rates

Trying to save electricity on all fronts is the smartest approach as it will bring you the lowest electricity bills. However, the opportunities presented within the aforementioned two categories are not equal. There are more techniques for cutting down electricity consumption in the winter compared to any other season of the year. As for lowering rates, finding the right time and the best supplier differs a lot.

How to Save on Electricity by Cutting Consumption

Cutting down electricity consumption in the winter can be done in several different ways. To make it fun and educational at the same time, our team composed an infographic describing 18 different ways to save on electricity.

Ways to Conserve Electricity in the Winter Infographic

You do not have to try all advice at once. Start with the seasonal ones and then proceed with the rest throughout the whole year.

How to Save on Electricity by Lowering Rates

Those who live in a deregulated state, have the extra option of lowering their bills by negotiating a better rate per kilowatt. This is something worth considering, as the cheapest electricity supplier in your area might charge 25 percent less for the exact same service.

Switching suppliers on your own is not as easy as it seems, as an uninformed decision may lead to a bill increase of as much as 50 percent. There are many factors to consider and the whole process can appear as a complicated math problem.

Our Luminext consultants can help you find the right supplier without charging you a thing. We have an established working relationship with all suppliers and you can count on us to knock on every door and check every option before delivering the final solution. Our consultants will even offer alternative electricity sources if we believe that they will help you save more. Contact us today and let's discuss your future energy rates.

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