How to Save Electricity by Designing an Energy Efficient Home

How to Save Electricity by Designing an Energy Efficient Home

"How to save electricity?" is a question you should be asking even before you build your home. A smart design can make your home a lot more energy efficient, so try to incorporate energy saving tricks prior to moving into your home. Insulation, sun and shade are all large factors that one should consider when building a home.

How to Save Electricity with Insulation

Regardless of where you live, good insulation is the foundation of an energy efficient home. There is a big temperature difference between the outside and inside your home at any given time, so a thick layer of insulation must exist between them. Note that insulation is not exclusive to walls. A well insulated home also has insulated floors and ceilings.

Glass Thickness and Size

The windows play a large role in insulation. They are considered a weak spot, as they cannot be covered with bulk insulation. The larger a window surface is, the more the home is exposed to the outside factors. However, you can still make your home more energy efficient by experimenting with glass thickness. Thicker glass and multi-chambered windows create a decent barrier that will help you preserve your home's temperature.

Combating Heat

If you are building a home in a hot area, consider installing reflecting panels as well. Layering the roof with reflective panels will reduce the effects of the sun, which will in turn reduce the electricity expenses for cooling throughout the whole year.

use sun and shade to build an efficient home

How to Save Electricity with Shading

Shading is a factor often overlooked in house building. A well-shaded west side can lower your electricity bill during the hot weather season. Use natural terrain cover or simply plant fast growing vegetation to keep the sun away from your west walls.

How to Save Electricity if Shades Are Not Available

If you cannot provide shade, design the interior in a way that leaves the bedrooms facing west. The bedroom is not largely used during the day, so you can ignore temperature regulation in that section of the home. When night arrives, the problem is solved and you have not wasted any electricity.

How to Save Electricity by Using the Sun

Capturing the sun is almost as important as finding the right shade. In colder regions, the sun can relieve the heating expenses throughout the year. Moreover, every house requires sunshine throughout the day. Strategically positioning the direction of the walls and placing windows in the right spots will keep your home well lit throughout the day. A well lit home saves electricity, as you only need electrical lights after the sun goes down.

Solar Energy

A solar water heater can create 50 to 90 percent of your total hot water requirements. The pipe system, tank and panels are easy to fit if you put them in the original house plans. Heating water is responsible for over 20 percent of the whole electrical bill, so installing a solar water heater is something worth considering.

Needless to say, systems of this kind show best results in regions with a good number of sunny days throughout the year. Here at Energy Service for Less we can help you find a good solar solution for your home. Contact us today and receive a free consultation from our team.

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