How to Reduce Energy Costs?

Looking for new ways to answer the question "How to reduce energy costs?" Well, regardless of how much you know, you can still find a few new surprising ways to save energy. The methods described below might not be the most effective ones, but they can serve as a nice addition to all basic energy saving techniques.

How to Reduce Energy Costs with Drapes

How to Reduce Energy Costs with Drapes

We all know that the windows are weak points where our house can leak a lot of energy. Aside from using thicker glass and sealing all leaks, there are also a few tricks you can do with drapes to reduce your energy costs. For example, using drapes with an insulating liner will cut your energy loss in half. If you have large window surfaces and glass doors this is a tip worth considering.

Shutters and Blinds do not Work

It is also worth mentioning that shutters and blinds do not actually work well with heat loss. Their open spaces leave too much room for energy to leak out, so if you are trying to prevent heat loss, use vinyl shades and quilted curtains.

Mind the Drapes

When answering the question "How to reduce energy costs?" you need to know that drapes can also pose an obstacle. Be careful how you place them as they can obstruct heat registers and air-return ducts. Unobstructed air-flow is crucial for efficiency in all heating equipment.

Improvised Double-Pane Windows

When you already have drapes on your windows, you can better your energy conservation by creating improvised double-pane windows. The real thing is always better, but if you simply do not have the budget to invest in thick storm windows, you can improvise with clear plastic or vinyl sheeting from the inside. Secure the extra layers from the inside with the use of some waterproof tape. No one will be able to tell the difference from the outside and your drapes will conceal the added tape from anyone viewing from inside.

Did You Check Your Fireplace?

Did You Check Your Fireplace?

When asking "How to reduce energy costs?" you are rarely advised to close the damper on your fireplace. This is due to the fact that not every place has one, but if you have a fireplace than you are probably leaking a lot of air through it. Statistics say that 14 percent of your home's air escapes through your fireplace, so every time you are not using it, make sure that the damper is closed.

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