How to Cut Energy Costs by Reducing HVAC Inefficiency?

How to Cut Energy Costs by Reducing HVAC Inefficiency?

If you are wondering how to cut energy costs within your home, consider tackling the major issue of HVAC inefficiency. Most homes have more than one efficiency problem and just by addressing a key issue of this magnitude, you can see good results on your next energy bill. Some of the tips in the following section might not sound too scientific, but rest assured that the science behind them certainly holds up.

HVAC System Inefficiency

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are usually joined in one big solution within your home that uses a lot of energy. To make this solution more efficient you have to start by analyzing some of its key aspects. Answering the question "How to cut energy costs?" involves an analysis of your system's size, its age and how well it fits your home.

Centralized and Decentralized Systems

The HVAC solutions are generally centralized and that makes them a bit inefficient. Even if you isolate its operation only to areas you are currently using, there is still a transportation loss through the local distribution grid. If you do not have an ENERGY STAR quality installation the duct leakage can account for as much as 15% energy loss.

In most cases, you are stuck with the system you have and intervening with additional heaters and air conditioners will not help you lower your bill significantly. However, you can make a big change if you just turn down the thermostat one or two degrees.

Consider the Age of the System

Consider the Age of the System

The age of the HVAC system is also a factor that needs to be considered. To make sure that your system is not too outdated, check how many new generations of the same model have appeared. If there are good statistics, calculate the improved efficiency of the new model and try to work out whether investing in a new HVAC can actually save you money.

Sometimes, just a small investment in a new thermostat can result in significant energy savings. With a programmable thermostat, you can automatically switch off the HVAC system when during hours when there is no one home.

Ask Your Neighbor

Ask your neighbors about the HVAC system they are using. How to cut energy costs and which HVAC system has the best efficiency rating is something that varies from one place to another. Since the answer is dependent on local factors, asking your neighbors is a good approach. There can be many different HVAC systems in your neighborhood, so finding what works best for you could come out during a brief chat with one of your neighbors.

Ask Luminext How to Cut Energy Costs

The question "How to cut energy costs?" is often posed by our clients. Our main approach involves lowering your electricity and gas rates but we also have other tricks up our sleeves. We can offer advice on how to better your energy efficiency and we can set you up with a solar solution that will certainly lower your energy costs.

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