How Solar Can You Go?

"How solar can I make my home?" is a question that becomes more and more frequent as the renewable energy sources rise in popularity. There is no definitive answer to this question, as each case should be viewed individually. However, we can still discuss all the options available and the basic requirements for their installation.

House with multiple solar panels on the roof

Basic PV Panel to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

The easiest way to add a bit of solar energy into your home is by installing a photovoltaic panel. These panels produce electricity and they do not have a lot of parts. They are easy to install as all you need to do is to secure the panel and run the wiring through a hole into your home. The roof is the primary location desired for installation, but you can also explore other options. You can also install the collector on a frame in your yard and tilt it to an optimal angle to get best results.

Usual Obstacles on the Way

The PV panel is not small at all. You need space and more importantly, you need unobstructed access to the sun. Having less than ideal angle is something you can work with, but if other objects block you access to direct sunlight, the panel can become extremely inefficient.

What can be Done?

If your panel's access to sunlight is being blocked by a tree in your neighbor's yard, you can legally ask him to trim the tree. Shadows from landscaping are easy to address, but if you have a taller neighboring structure that casts a shadow over your property, than there is not much to do.

solar water heater installed on a roof

Water Heating Collectors to Reduce Your Gas Bill

If you are wondering how solar can lower your gas bill, than you need to better acquaint yourself with water heating collectors. It is true that these types of collectors can be used to save you on both gas and electricity, but primarily, they can replace gas as an energy source for heating water in your home.

Installation and Obstacles

These collectors are more elaborate and they usually involve a tank, a pump, a panel a lot of interconnecting pipes. Installation requires more work and the final solutions are less elegant. Depending on where you live, a large tank on top of your home might even cause you legal trouble.

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