Home Energy Costs: 5 Ways to Lower Your Bill

Cutting down the home energy costs can have a big influence on your home economics. The utility bill is a big expense, so trying to lower it in every possible way is just common sense. These five methods are all highly effective and implementing them correctly can make a significant impact on your bill.

Save more than pennies on your bill

1. Manage the Thermostat

Easiest way to cut home energy costs is to keep a close eye on your thermostat. Try not to overheat or overcool as the luxury will cost you a lot. In the winter, keep the setting at 68 degrees. Each additional degree will add up approximately three percent to your energy bill. Similar economics apply for cooling during the summer.

Another way to use the thermostat to your advantage is by regulating the temperature during sleeping hours. When you are asleep and cozy under a blanket, you do not need to waste that much energy on room temperature.

2. Keep Heating and Cooling Vents Clear

Keeping the heating and cooling vents unobstructed makes a big difference in your home energy costs. If there are obstacles in the way, a heating or a cooling system needs to work longer and at higher capacity to achieve good results. Aside from clearing the path in front of the vents, you should also make sure that the filters are cleaned. A clogged filter can have a huge impact on efficiency.

weather tape

3. Prevent Drafts

No matter how well a home is insulated, drafts can create a huge waste of energy. The outside temperature usually differs a lot from the one inside your home, so every small opening can create a huge draft problem. Make sure that all windows are lined with a weather strip. The strip seals every small crack and it is highly effective on wooden frame windows that tend to become uneven over time.

Installing storm windows and doors is another way to make the home air tight. New doors and windows is a considerable expense, but it can do wonders for the energy costs.

4. Look for Rebates to Lower Home Energy Costs

Since it has become painfully obvious that we overuse our energy resources, there have been several attempts by the government and various organizations to make the homes more energy efficient. The energy efficiency can be improved by using more modern, eco friendly technologies that use considerably less energy.

Purchasing new appliances can be a huge investment, so inform yourself about rebate programs available in your region. With the help of the rebates, the initial investment will be easily covered and a home can lower its energy usage significantly.

5. Use Our Services

Using the Luminext services is a sure way of reducing your home energy expences. We can provide you with the best energy rates available on the market and save you as much as 30 percent on your energy bill. Contact us today and let us discuss your current contract and how it can be improved.

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