Are Free Solar Panels a Real Thing?

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Anyone who has ever done some research into solar, has probably encountered a "free solar" offer. These offers usually feel like an elaborate scam, as things in life are rarely free. Still, you can find a great number of large, respectable solar companies offering deals that include free panels and installation. So, the questions that arise are "Are the panels actually free?" and more importantly "Where is the catch?" Luckily, Luminext is here to provide these answers.

Free Solar Panels are Actually Free

Believe it or not, free solar panels are actually free, or at least they are in a technical sense.  When you view an offer starting with the word "free" in it, it is usually one of two things.

  • solar lease
  • power purchase agreement (popularly known as a PPA)

Both of these agreement types will get you solar equipment for free, but you will have to pay to use the energy produced by the panels.

How Can Companies Afford This?

Companies can generally afford this because solar gets a lot of help from the government. Each state has several grant and rebate programs for renewable energy and the companies only have to invest a fraction of the total equipment value.

Free Solar Offers are Just Like any Other Energy Supplier

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There is almost no difference between a deal with an energy supplier and a solar lease. You can compare offers by suppliers in your area with solar leases, as both have the same basic information.

  • energy rates
  • contract length
  • additional details describing fair use, early termination penalties and legal responsibilities

The only difference is that with a solar lease the energy you use is produced on your property. When looking to lower energy rates, the two most important aspects of the deal are rates and contract length.

These solar deals can usually offer lower rates as there are no delivery expenses involved. The electricity produced on your property comes with zero delivery charges, so it can easily compete even with suppliers in your region.

Let Someone Else Make the Investment

Solar panels have become a lot cheaper in the last decade but buying would still involve a significant amount of money. The lease and the PPA are two ways to expressly reduce your energy bill without making any upfront investment. How much will you save? -Well, that depends on the provider you chose.

Luminext Consultants Can Help Out

Luminext consultants can help you find the best "free solar" deal on the market. We have a lot of experience dealing with energy and our name is well known in the industry. We can check all solar options available in your region and compare them with all other available energy suppliers.

Our goal is to save you as much money as possible, so we will leave no stone unturned. We will compare all the rates and return with the one that saves you most money within two business days. Consulting with us is free of charge, so do not hesitate to contact us at any given time.

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Other Options with No Upfront Payment

A solar loan will also get you the panels you need with no upfront investment. These loans usually cover everything, even the installation costs. Of course, you will have to gradually return the money you have loaned, but after the loan is paid off you get to own the solar installation. This option ensures better rates on the long run, as the electricity you produce from a system you own is always cheaper than the alternatives.

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