The Free Electricity Myth

Every now and then, all of us come across a free electricity advert. Sometimes is an offer from a supplier, other times it is a new invention claiming to produce infinite electricity. Every time we see something like this, our instincts say that it is too good to be true, and it usually is. However, let's give the idea a chance and discuss the most common free energy options.

Taking a closer look at free electricity with Luminext

Electricity and the Energy Conservation Law

Free electricity or free energy in general, goes against the laws of physics. Specifically, the energy conservation law states that you cannot get energy out of nothing. Energy can transform, but in the end both sides of the equations need to stay equal. Even creating a machine that will run forever without any energy loss is practically impossible. Scientists have spent entire lifetimes trying to invent a machine that works without adding energy to the system, but this law of physics cannot be challenged.

You cannot reuse electricity

When you see a device marketed as an infinite supply of energy, keep in mind that it is physically impossible. There are devices that can lower your energy use, but none that can produce electricity out of thin air.

Suppliers Offering Free Energy

The free energy offered by suppliers is usually a promise much like a lottery ticket. Offers usually say something like "Sign up before the end of the week and you'll get a chance to win free electricity for a year!" Somebody is going to win, but the odds are very slim.

If that supplier already has the best rates available and switching does not cost you a thing -then why not! However, if switching drags you in a less favorable deal, then you are simply gambling with your energy bills.

Get One Day Free

There are a few suppliers that will offer you free energy during one day of the week. These deals usually involve fixed rates that are less favorable for the users. Suppliers know your monthly energy needs and they can calculate how high they need to set the rates, to offset the loss created in that one day of free energy.

save on electricity every day of the year

You can try to schedule energy-demanding tasks in the free day, but you cannot completely stop your everyday energy use. Your home still needs to be heated, you still need to prepare food, watch TV, charge your electronic gadgets etc.

No Free Electricity? -Get the Next Best Thing!

Well, now that you know that there is no such thing as free energy, you can focus on other possible ways to lower your utility bills. Luminext consultants can quickly analyze the market and find the best rates available. We can also provide you with valuable advice on how to lower your bills by managing your energy use. The best part about all of this is -we won't charge you a thing! Give us a call or fill out the contact form below and we will start our work on lowering your electricity bill today.

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