Facts about Electricity that May
Surprise You

Facts about Electricity

You may not spend time deeply pondering facts about electricity, your use of it, or its place in your life, but there are some facts about electricity that are worth reading about. Not only will these facts increase your knowledge about one of the modern world’s most important resources, but they will help you come up with new ways to save electricity (and thus save money).

5 Interesting Facts about Electricity:

1.  The HVAC system accounts for more than half of all energy consumed by the average American household.

This is why one of the best ways to save money on electricity is to run your heating and air conditioning as little as possible. Using alternative sources of heating that require less energy is a good start, and you can simply add or remove clothing to remain comfortable, leaving the heating and air conditioning system as an absolute last resort.

2.  Approximately 90% of the energy consumed by a lightbulb is used to produce heat, not light.

Compact fluorescent bulbs will consume as much as 80% less electricity, substantially reducing the cost of lighting your home if you replace all bulbs throughout your home. Since 10% or more of your electricity bill is energy consumed to light your home, it is worth the investment to reduce that expenditure by buying energy-efficient bulbs.

3.  Solar energy is considered an unreliable power source by some people, but there is actually enough sunlight hitting the earth each year to meet everyone’s power needs efficiently.

There is a shift occurring where more people are embracing renewable energy sources as realistic and valuable, but there are still many who don’t realize that solar energy and other renewable sources are reliable. As more people choose energy providers that embrace renewable energy, this shift will occur faster and renewable energy will reduce costs for all consumers.

If you haven’t looked at the solar energy market in recent years, you may be surprised at the products now available. As more people make use of these alternatives, the prices will continue to drop lower.

4.  Humans increase their use of power every year. It is believed that Americans alone will double their power usage approximately every 20 years.

As technology improves, you would expect consumers to reduce their reliance on electricity, but the exact opposite is happening. More attention needs to be focused on renewable energy sources and solutions to wasteful use so that reliance goes down and costs are controlled for everyone.

5.  Every little thing you do on a daily basis demands the consumption of energy, including checking your email or texting a teenager to come out of their room for dinner.


For instance, studies have shown that the energy consumed to complete 100 queries on Google equals the energy needed to power a standard light bulb for nearly a half hour. For the average consumer interested in reducing their electricity bill, this means something as simple as conserving time on the internet and turning off the laptop when it’s not in use can make a big difference over the course of a year.

Don’t use these facts about electricity to feel guilty about your consumption of energy. Use them to spark creative solutions to excess energy use in your home. It’s not the use of energy that costs you money. It’s the waste of energy that costs you money, and that also places strain on the equipment delivering electricity to your home.

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