Why an Energy Services Business Offers Unique Opportunities?

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Energy services businesses have opened the door to new possibilities for all who seek commercial energy. If you live in a deregulated state, the existence of these businesses offers you the chance to save time and money. This should sound tempting to any business owner as it is quite common to lack one or the other; or in some cases, both. In the following sections, we will outline all the ways Luminext can help you out.

Thinking in Advance

Foreseeing all obstacles ahead and adjusting to the current situation makes the job of a business owner very challenging. There are probably more than enough difficulties in your daily work even without worrying about the energy market. Keeping up with all current trends is a tiresome process that takes a lot of time, so consider outsourcing it to Luminext.

A Reliable Partner

Our Luminext team prides on its knowledge and efficiency. It is our everyday task to analyze the market and connect our clients with the right supplier. We never play favorites and we always look out for the best interest of our clients. What separates us from other energy services businesses is our will to follow through even after the deal is made. If we find a better deal while you are still on your current contract, we will offer you the chance to switch.

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Always Vigilant

Even though our work is done after you sign, we still make sure that you make the most out of your deal. When your contract is about to expire, we will remind you to sign a new one before you get switched to variable rates. Our team will even approach you with a new offer that contains the current lowest rates. Just knowing that someone keeps track of dates and works on expanding your savings is worth gold.

Replacing an Employee

A big company with large energy demands may even require a separate employee that manages your electricity supply. No matter how big your company is, Luminext can handle the responsibility and will not charge you for it. The energy services business model we use earns by connecting supply and demand. This means that you will not only save by using the best rates possible, but you also have the potential of saving on yearly salaries for redundant work positions.

Energy Services Business vs. Doing it On Your Own

Luminext as an energy services business is a larger client than a company. When trying to negotiate better rates, siding with Luminext will always get you the better deal. Through our services you can get rates that are not available on the open market. Contact us today and we will quickly assure you of our skills. With just a few basic information about your company, we will be able to compose a more favorable contract than the one you currently have. Our team offers this consultation free of charge and we will provide you with helpful information about how to make a smooth transition from your current contract to a new one.

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