Which Energy Service Business is Right for You?

Finding the right energy service business for your company can be a challenging task. Deregulation brought a wide variety of options for both commercial and residential users, leaving many indecisive in the selection process. The number of options accessible to commercial users is larger and the stakes are higher. Choosing the right energy service business can create thousands of dollars in savings, so knowing how to choose is essential.

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The Freedom to Choose

Spending a lot of energy gives commercial users the chance to create more flexible deals. The flexibility is not only expressed through the rates agreed upon, but also to other conditions in the deal.

Commercial Natural Gas

Commercial natural gas suppliers offer customized deals for different types of businesses. Cooking with gas is a popular option for restaurants, so restaurant owners can usually find deals tailored to their specific needs. Some suppliers even offer delivering natural gas, fuel oil and propane alternately depending on which one has the lowest price.

Commercial Electricity

If your business uses a lot of electricity, then it can also influence the electricity demand in the region. Demand raises the price up, so there are specific deals that can address the issue. Rather than the standard fixed rate deals, companies can purchase a block of electricity that is used in a specific time of day. This will help the supplier better manage the demand and it will result in a better price.

How to Choose Your Energy Service Business?

Size should always be one of the factors included in choosing an energy service business. If you use a lot of energy, logic dictates that you should look for it in a place where your demands pale in comparison to the supply capacities. Large suppliers are motivated to find and keep large clients, so expecting to find a better deal with a large supplier is realistic.

Choose Closer to Home

Both gas and electricity have transport expenses, so you should always try to find a supplier closer to home. Lower transport expenses means that you can get better rates regardless of the type of deal you are aiming to make.

Choose Suppliers with Help from Luminext

Choose Suppliers with Help from Luminext

Let Lumiext help you choose your energy service business. Our brokers are experienced in finding the best commercial energy suppliers and they can negotiate an excellent deal in your behalf. The commercial energy rates you are considering may be good, but the ones our brokers offer are even better. Give us a call and let us discuss your yearly energy needs. Through a short conversation with one of our friendly representatives, we can get a good sense of what you actually need.

You can also communicate with us by filling out the contact form on the website. Once we get some basic details, you can expect us to return with an offer within two business days. The consultation is free of charge and you are not obliged to accept our offer. However, we are confident that you will recognize the value of what we offer and decide to use our services.

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