Energy Saving Tips for Businesses Related to Equipment

Energy Saving Tips for Businesses Related to Equipment

There are many energy saving tips for businesses on the Internet, but saving with equipment organization is rarely discussed. Still, there is a lot of money to be saved if you just place the right machine at the right place. This collection of helpful advice applies to all sorts of businesses. Some of the tips require space while other may require time or initial investment funds. Choose your energy saving initiative depending on the resources that can be spared in your company.

Efficient hand dryers are your best option

Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers

Energy saving tips for businesses are not focused on cutting down anything non-essential. For example, a company can survive without having paper towels or hand dryers in the toilet, but certain standards need to be upheld. So, knowing that we have to have on the other in the toilet, we come to the question "Paper towels or a hand dryer?"

Of course, using paper towels means that you spend zero energy and it may sound as a solid energy saving tip. However, if you look at the costs, the perception of the issue becomes very different. Running an effective hand dryer costs less in a year than the yearly supply of paper towels. Proper advice in this situation would include:

  • Choose a hand dryer that uses advanced drying techniques
  • Choose a hand dryer that has a short drying cycle
  • Choose a hand dryer that uses less energy during its rest periods

Energy Saving Tips for Businesses Related to Rearrangement

Solid energy saving tips can also include rearranging equipment in your company. Most companies arrange equipment guided by accessibility and convenience. Leaving out energy efficiency as a factor is a big mistake, as a lot of money can be saved if you simply shift things around.

Water cooler at the office

Isolate Heat Generating Equipment

Printers, copiers and water coolers can all be viewed as heating elements. Even the fridge is a heat generating element as the compressor in the back can get quite hot. All of this heat may be welcomed in the winter, but during the summer it will increase your energy usage on air conditioning. Cooling the air is mostly done to accommodate your employees and clients, so you can save a lot just by separating man and machine.

  • Move copiers and printers to a separate room with good insulation
  • Keep refrigerated vending machines and water coolers in a hall

These two main guidelines can help a lot but only if done correctly. The areas where you want to move the heat generating equipment should be at least separated by a closed door. Also, make sure that the AC is not taking any temperature readings from that area.

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