Energy Saver Light Bulbs for Everyone Interested in Lower Bills

In the 21st century, we've come to a point where energy saver light bulbs are a must have. We no longer have the excuse of high price or limited availability -these days cheap and efficient bulbs can be found easily for just about any light socket in your home or office.

efficient lighting

From desk lamps to outdoor garden lamps, we are given an equal opportunity to save. With the right bulb at the right place and with a few advice on proper illumination, we can cut electricity expenses by as much as 10%.

Let's Talk Numbers!

According to the U.S Department of Energy, changing 10-15 light bulbs with efficient models will shave off $50 dollars from your yearly electricity bill. With the cost of one high-end efficient bulb being set on around $5, you can expect a return on your investment after just one year.

You can save more in states with higher priced electricity

Energy Saver Light Bulbs Last Longer

To sweeten the pot, high-end energy saver light bulbs actually last a lot longer than the traditional incandescents. You can find LED bulbs that even last up to 25 years with a four hour daily use. So, returning to the previously mentioned numbers, this means that with a simple $50 investment, you can save about $1200 before you need to buy new ones.

Of course, your home has more than 10 lights, so the potential is even bigger. Data provided by the U.S Department of Energy suggests that switching all of your frequently used lights with new energy saver light bulbs can yield $75 dollar savings per year. That adds up to $1800 in savings over the lifetime of the bulbs.

Light Quality is the Same

Early CFLs have created the myth that energy saving light bulbs and traditional incandescents provide lighting with different color and intensity. The first generation efficient lighting produced bluish light that differed a lot from the incandescent warm yellow or pure white. However, these days you can find efficient lighting with just about any color you want and the difference with incandescents is unrecognizable.

Efficient lighting saves millions of dollars across the U.S.

Halogen, CFL and LED for Your Home or Business

Early return of investment and guaranteed savings makes energy saver light bulbs tempting for both homeowners and businesses. Even if you do not plan on staying at one location for more than a year, there is nothing preventing you from taking the light bulbs with you once you leave.

Bulbs are easy to transport and the number of different light sockets is very small. This makes them almost universal and opens up saving opportunities even for those who are renting their living or business space.

Use Luminext to Get the Best Bulbs

Our Luminext team can make sure that you get the best light bulbs that will generate the greatest savings. Just visit our catalog page to see what we offer and order the bulbs you need. We will ship them to your home address and you can start saving on your electric bill in no time.

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