How Much Does Energy Efficiency Cost?

The question "How much does energy efficiency cost?" has surely popped into everyone's head during one time or another. Each day we see new energy conservation initiatives, but there are hardly any numbers to describe the scale of the investment you have to make in order to improve your energy efficiency. The numbers change all the time but the global tendencies remain the same. This is why; we will be discussing small, medium and large investments in energy efficiency.

Small Investments Accessible to All

If you are working on a small budget and you are worried that you cannot pay the energy efficiency cost, than consider investing in energy efficient lighting. The efficient lights are quite cheap and you do not even have to change them all at the same time. Change the lights gradually as they burn out and you will not feel any strain on your budget. Once you managed to swap out all of the lights, your home will spend a quarter on electricity for lighting than it did before.

Medium Investments That Provide Good Results

Those that can afford to spend a little bit more, could probably support the energy efficiency cost of changing a few household appliances. Old heating and cooling equipment can be quite inefficient regardless of whether it works on gas or electricity. This includes water heaters, stoves, space heaters, refrigerators and air conditioners. Switching them gradually with models that have a high energy efficiency rating will surely have an effect on your energy bill. The refrigerator is a good place to start, as an old fridge can be easily sold, making your investment in a new one ever easier.

Rebates Help Relieve the Energy Efficiency Cost

Though you need the money to invest in efficient appliances, there are rebate programs that can make the investment a little less costly. These programs vary from one state to another and some of them even change over time, so ask around and inform yourself about what sort of rebates you qualify for.

Large Lifetime Investments

Insulating your home is the largest energy efficiency cost you may have. It involves a lot of workers, a lot of construction work and a lot of time to set up. However, all that time and money spent will pay out over the course of many years. Even without all of the other measures mentioned, you can expect to shave off a large chunk of your energy bill by properly insulating your home.

Lower Your Rates and Save Even More

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