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Commercial electricity services may be the same, but the suppliers are not. If the energy market in your local area is deregulated, you may think about switching service providers to receive better customer service and much lower rates. You could make the switch after completing some market research on your own, but the lowest rates become available when you work with a professional energy consultancy.

A consultant will look your company over to determine how you can save money on energy, and switching to a different energy provider is just one of the optional strategies. A deregulated market gives you the choice of service providers, and it is to your advantage to exercise that choice immediately.

Power in Numbers for Electricity Services

Are you wondering why our professional energy consultants can get lower energy rates for your company and its electricity services than you could get for yourself? It all comes down to the power of numbers. An energy consultancy works with a variety of businesses and residential consumers to bring a lot of business to the energy providers. While we don’t work exclusively with one company, we do have working relationships with many energy providers. They are willing to reduce rates for our clients due to the amount of business we could potentially bring their way.

It all comes down to competition, and energy providers are businesses just like your business. They want to make as much profit as possible, and they need a lot of service contracts to succeed. When they are presented with a consultancy representing many different commercial clients, they start lowering prices in order to win as many of those contracts as possible.

It’s not that your business isn’t important to the service providers. It simply comes down to the amount of business you stand to bring to the company. When you join forces with a consultancy, you join forces with many other companies and become a more powerful asset to the service provider. This brings rates up to 30% lower than what you may be currently paying.

Responsive & Reliable Customer Service

When you work with a commercial energy consultant, you can save more than money. You will also save time and frustration that would normally go into communicating with utility company customer service departments. Once you switch to a provider generating more affordable power, you will find that the customer service department is more responsive and easier to communicate with than most utility companies.

If you do have a problem with your provider or need to report a problem with your electricity service, you will receive prompt attention from customer service agents with the expertise to answer questions and solve problems. You can expect service technicians to arrive at your business much faster than would expect a technician from the local utility company.

More reliable and attentive customer service comes with a deregulated market. Energy providers are focused only on generating energy efficiently and keeping their customers happy. Compare that to the utility companies that must also maintain electrical lines and take care of delivery to your business. A deregulated market allows the utility companies to focus on delivery while independent providers do the generating and customer service elements of the business.

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