This Electricity Prices Comparison
Will Shock You

This Electricity Prices Comparison Will Shock You With Lower Bills

Before you pay your next bill, do an electricity prices comparison between using our service to find the best energy deal and what you are currently paying. Wouldn’t you want to save more?

Typical Electricity Prices Comparison

Are you wondering what will really happen if you decide to join forces with Luminext Energy, thoroughly analyze your energy options and possibly switch to a new electricity provider? It’s difficult to say exactly what the future will bring for any individual, but there are some before and after comparisons that you can make about switching services in general:

  • Before deregulation, you had no option but to pay what your utility company demanded for electricity. After deregulation, you have the right to choose who you pay, and to some degree, that gives you the right to choose how much you pay.
  • Before working with our energy brokerage, you are paying whatever your utility company demands even though you may have other options. After you start working with our brokers to unveil your options, you may shave 10% off of your monthly bill. Depending on factors in your local market, you could shave off an even higher percentage.
  • Before you take advantage of your right to choose your electricity provider, you don’t have a full understanding of how the deregulated market works and how it can benefit you. After you learn about the market and decide to switch, you fully embrace your power as an educated consumer.

That last before and after comparison is probably the most important because it speaks to your power as an educated consumer. Educated is an important word because not every consumer living in a deregulated area will pay the lowest possible rates for their electricity.

Why not? Because they don’t understand how to maneuver the deregulated market. They don’t educate themselves enough to fully uncover the best rates from all providers serving their area.

Working with Luminext is the fastest way to educate yourself about deregulation in general, and the savings potentials in your area specifically. Our energy brokers have worked with commercial and residential customers to ensure they thoroughly understand the trends occurring in the industry and how they can take advantage of those trends to save money on their energy bills.

A Partner You Can Trust

Yes, the energy industry is complicated. There are terms you may not understand when you receive communications from competing services in your area. You may wonder whether advertised rates are really the best available. You may feel that you have the right to assert your power as an educated consumer, but it’s difficult to fully educate yourself and feel confident that what you know is all there is to know.

Reduce Costs

That’s where Luminext comes into the picture. We are your partner in a complex industry that you may not fully understand at all times. We help you understand your local market, and then we advocate on your behalf to do a full electricity prices comparison to ensure that you get the best possible rate. This works for your home so that you have more money to take care of your loved ones, and it works for your business whether you are managing a single office or 100 offices or more.

Look at the last electricity bill that arrived in your mailbox. Calculate 10-20% of that bill and subtract that amount from the total of the bill. That is what you could possibly find yourself paying every month if you do analyze your market and decide to make a switch. That savings can really add up. Either way, our professional consultants will be with you through the entire process, always looking out for your best interests.

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