How to do an Electricity Price Comparison

Electricity price comparison keeps you from overpaying. In a deregulated market, the price of a single kilowatt can vary a lot, so it is nice to check your rates with other available on the market. Price comparison is something you can do on your own, as long as you understand all the terms mentioned on the bill.

Reading Your Bill

Reading and understanding your bill is essential for a good price comparison. The bill contains enough information to describe where you stand, so analyze it thoroughly. Do not be discouraged by all the technical information displayed and focus on the important details.

Check Your Supplier and Tariff

Start your electricity price comparison by determining your current supplier and tariff. Knowing the name of the supplier is not what keeps the electricity running through the wire, but it helps you better assess your situation.  The easiest way to find your supplier is by looking for its logo somewhere on your bill. Both the name and the logo of the supplier are usually somewhere at the top of the page. The bill also needs to state your current tariff plan. Find the one you are currently on, and then inquire about other options.

Check Your Meter Number

Your meter number is another highly important piece of information that you should know if you wish to make changes to your electricity supply. This number is also included in the bill, so you just need to go through the details carefully.

Supplier Contact Information

A bill also includes information on how to contact your energy supplier. If you cannot find some of the information listed above or if you simply have more question to ask, contact your supplier's customer support center.

Consumption and Payment Plan

The two most important aspects of a bill when you do an electricity price comparison are the consumption and the payment plan. There are additional expenses listed such as standing chargers but they usually play a smaller role in the whole comparison process. Still, do not exclude the standing charges from the math, as there are tariffs that offer low rates but high standing charges.

The Number of Kilowatts is Key

Consumption is measured in kilowatts and then changed according to your tariff plan. If you want to compare your bill with different rates, the number you need is the consumption in kilowatts.

Payment Plan

Comparing a single electricity bill can be misleading. Customers with a delayed payment plan get bills that do not actually reflect what they currently use. A good way to avoid that is to do a yearly comparison.

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