Why Electricity Comparison Can Only Get You Halfway?

Electricity comparison is one of the simplest ways of assessing your current energy bill. You can compare the quantities you use as well as the rates from your supplier. The comparison can help you get a better deal and it can also make you a more responsible user. Lowering your bills is the expected result if you properly compare and adjust, but this technique will only get you halfway.

Lower Consumption

Using less is one of the easiest ways of spending less. A comparison can reveal a change in your usage habits that needs to be addressed. Compare the quantities used in same periods during different years and you will get the most reliable benchmark. A new appliance or a new habit can make a big difference in your electricity bill. You can even compare your usage to the household or industry average. However, when comparing yourself to the average user, make sure your household or business falls in the average category.

Lower the Rates

When your consumption is optimal, compare the rates of your current contract with the ones available on the market. There are many different suppliers available on the market and their offers can differ a lot. An electricity comparison in this fashion would be to calculate and compare your bill using your current consumption and the rates offered by all available suppliers. Experiment with the length of the contract, as longer contract might get you better rates with the same supplier.

Why Electricity Comparison Has Its Limits?

Electricity comparison has its limits because it does not take all factors into account. You can compare based on past and present information, but the comparison will yield no realistic projections for the future. This can be very misleading, as any change you make to your contract only affects the future bills.

Future Tendencies

Brokers are trained to analyze market tendencies and create contracts accordingly. This makes the energy broker a better strategist than the average user. The broker will analyze your current situation, but his decision will be based on his projections for the future. In some situations, a broker will even hold off on making new deal if there are realistic expectations of bigger price drops.

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An electricity comparison also has its limits because it will not reveal what hides behind the curtains. Publicly accessible rates are higher than the rates offered to a broker. If you decide to use the Luminext services, you become part of a large community that cannot be denied a reasonable electricity price. Compare rates on your own and then ask us if we can do better. The consultation is free of charge and you will be amazed by how much you can save with our help. This offer comes with no strings attached, so contact us today and find out just how low your electricity bill can be.

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