Electricity Brokers Facing Increased Amounts of Work in the Near Future

Electricity brokers appeared right after the Energy Policy Act of 1992. The act made it possible for states to deregulate their electricity market and that gave birth to this new and exciting profession. An energy broker these days can offer his services in 16 different states across the U.S. There are differences in the way deregulation has been implemented, but a broker can come in handy in just about any state on the deregulated list.

electricity brokers working hard.

Why are Brokers Needed?

Deregulation gave everyone the freedom to choose, so some may ask "Why would I give up my freedom and let someone else choose for me?" What everyone should be aware of is that electricity brokers do not make the final call. Brokers only do the negotiating, but the clients always have to give the green light before any choice is made.

As for why the electricity broker is superior at negotiating, the explanation can take up a lot of time. The reasons why brokers do a better job at securing electricity rates can be boiled down to two simple facts.

  • Brokers have superior knowledge and experience
  • Brokers have superior bargaining power

These two facts should be enough to convince anyone to team up with a broker in the search for lower energy rates. Using a broker saves time and brings better results, which in turn saves money as well.

Electricity Brokers in the Existing Deregulated States

The 16 deregulated states cover a really large portion of the U.S population. In these states, the percentage of people using brokers is actually very small. People are still not used to idea of having help in choosing their electricity supply, so many are still struggling to find the right solution. Still, electricity brokers note a steady increase in the number of clients, mainly because they show positive results every single time.

Every contract has an expiration date

The Nature of Contracts

Using an electricity broker once does not mean that you are set for life. Electricity contracts usually last one to three years, so as soon as your expiration date approaches, you will need a broker again. Those who know the advantages of having a broker will naturally use one again, so the number of clients rises every year.

Future Deregulations

Deregulation has proven to be a successful concept, so there are other states considering its implementation. Of course, these sort of changes do not happen overnight, but progress will happen sooner or later. If just one state is added to the deregulated list, brokers get millions and millions new potential clients.

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