3 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Electricity and Gas Bills

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Electricity and Gas Bills

Having trouble keeping up with your electricity and gas bills? You can improve your situation just by learning how to cut down on your energy expenses. Spending less is as effective as earning more, so try to use these three effective ways of reducing energy bills. These techniques are universally applicable and they can help both household and business owners save money on their monthly bills.

Improve Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the main factors that can lower your bills. Improving the energy efficiency alone can shave off as much as 20% of your energy bills. There are several good techniques to improve your efficiency and they involve some basic rules regarding the purchase and use of appliances.

Search for Good Efficiency Rating

All appliances have an energy efficiency rating. The scale goes from A to G and there is a big difference in energy use between different grade appliances. When buying a new high energy consuming unit, pick a model that has the highest energy efficiency rating. It might be slightly more expensive, but the investment will pay off over time. Some states even offer rebates to those that wish to go energy efficient, so inform yourself about the local rebate policies.

Effective Use will Help Your Electricity and Gas Bills

Effective or conservative use of your appliances can also make a difference on your electricity and gas bills. If your home already has all A-rated energy efficient appliances, this is the extra step you can take to make sure your bills are as low as possible. Heat water only as much as you need and never run a washer half-empty. Just by following this simple rule, you can drastically improve your energy efficiency.

For extra points, you can try to avoid using the dryer as much as possible. Air drying is just as effective if you are not in any rush.

Insulating the attic

Improve Insulation

Room heating and cooling require a lot of energy. To make sure that the energy is not wasted, apply insulation to all surfaces that can compromise your interior temperature. This includes all exterior walls and the attic too. Close any gap that leaks air and use double glass windows if you have large window surfaces. Gas and electricity is used to regulate temperature almost throughout the whole year, so make the use is as efficient as possible.

You can also add a layer of insulation to your water heater and it will conserve its temperature better. This can be of great help to those who delay the use of hot water or use it several times per day.

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Getting better rates is an effortless way of lowering your electricity and gas bills. Contact our team for a free consultation on how we can lower your bills. We will be glad to assist you in finding the best rates possible and will share with you our advanced knowledge in reducing your energy expenses. Give us a call or write us an e-mail and start saving on your energy bills today.

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