Lower Electric Bills during Fall and Winter

As the temperatures outside start to drop, your home's electric bills undoubtedly rise. The bills peek in the winter, especially in households that use electricity for heating. A fair amount of that extra electricity on your winter bills is wastefully spent. If you learn how to manage your electricity use, you can make the cold weather and your bills easier to bare.

lower your electric bills

We have already spoken about the top five strategies for lowering electric bills in the winter. If you still haven't read that article -you can skip to it by clicking here. Those who already know the top five ways to save electricity in the winter should carry on reading and learn how to save even more.

Use Your Head as well as the Thermostat

We all know how much a lower thermostat setting can save us, but we might be reluctant to try it if it means wearing more clothes. Fortunately, there are ways to make lower temperatures more bearable.  

Humidifiers do not spend a lot of energy to drastically impact your electric bills, but they change how we perceive the room temperature. Moist air feels warmer, so raise the humidity levels in your room and experiment with lower thermostat settings. Of course, this trick works up to a certain level, so don't overdo it.

Heat raises, so you may want to use your ceiling fan as well. A ceiling fan spinning counterclockwise pushes the hot air back down. This will also affect the thermostat readings, as the sensor feeding it data is usually positioned far from the room's ceiling.

install energy efficient windows to lower your bills

Keep Furniture Away from Exterior Walls

The temperature is not always even across the whole room. If your home has old doors and windows, weather tape might not be enough to keep the cold out. Small amounts of cold air will still bleed in your home and you will feel it if you sit near the exterior wall. This will in turn force you to raise the temperature on the thermostat to an unnecessary high level which will most certainly show up on your electric bills.

Positioning your furniture near the interior walls of a room solves this problem as it places you further away from the cold. If you rearrange all your furniture well, you can even distance your everyday movement from the areas with lower temperature.

Strategically Position Your Carpets for Bonus Points

If you keep your thermostat at low levels, your floor can feel a bit cold. Carpets do have a decorative purpose, but they are also extra insulation for your floor. Place them in areas where you are most likely to step on the floor without slippers and you will avoid any discomfort. Couch covers are also helpful if your seats are made out of leather.

low-flow fixtures and showerheads can achieve water savings of 25-60 percent

Shorter Showers for Lower Electric Bills

Shorter showers lower your electric bills year round. However, they are especially important during low temperatures. The water supplied to your house is colder in autumn and winter, which makes your water heater spend more electricity.

  • Storage tank water heaters warm up slower and cool down faster during low temperatures.
  • Tankless water heaters need to provide higher heat levels to compensate.

As an added bonus, you also save on your water bill. You can save even more if you install an efficient showerhead. Efficient showerheads work with lower water pressure and lower water pressure means less hot water spent per shower.

Lowering your electricity rates is still one of your best saving options, so contact us if you want to discuss your options.

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