Cut Your Utility Bill by More than 10%

Cut Your Utility Bill by More than 10%

If you search the web, you will find hundreds of ways to cut your utility bill. However, not all tips make a huge difference and at the end of the day, you might waste more time than you can justify for cutting a small percentage. Managing to cut at least 10% in a single step is something that you can call a measurable success. That is why; we will focus on large improvements that can significantly improve your bill.

Saving Through Energy Conservation

The building structure is something often overlooked when discussing ways to cut your utility bill. This is a big mistake if you consider the fact that the building structure plays a large role in temperature regulation. Heat loss and heat gain are both dependent on structure direction, room size, window size and other structure related parameters.

infrared thermometer

Heat Gain and Heat Loss

The best part about heat loss and heat gain is that they can be measured. There is a device called an infrared thermometer which can determine where your biggest leaks are. The temperature difference between different segments of your structure will always be present, but the main goal is to keep them as separated as possible.

Sealing all the Cracks

Just by eliminating draft between areas you can make a significant difference on your utility bill. Check each segment of the structure and seal any crack you may encounter. Doors and windows are the usual suspects, but keep in mind that in a business structure vents and piping running through the room could also create a draft. Check the spots on the wall where vents and piping exit the room and seal any leaks.

Energy Often Escapes Through the Wall

A large temperature difference on both sides of a wall often means a huge energy leak through the wall itself. To successfully cut your utility bill, you should consider investing in insulation. Applying insulation is the foundation of every energy conservation strategy. Apply it to the exterior walls but also consider insulating walls neighboring storage areas and machine rooms. When you have successfully separated all areas with a great temperature difference, temperature regulation becomes quite easy and it will reflect on your utility bill.

Cut Your Utility Bill with Help from Luminext

Cut Your Utility Bill with Help from Luminext

One of the smartest ways to make a significant improvement in your monthly bills is to use Luminext. Our team will help you cut your utility bill and it will not cost you a penny. We can guarantee you the best rates available on the market and you will surely notice a significant difference in your utility costs. Choose Luminext to negotiate on your behalf and you will get better rates available. With our superior bargaining powers, we will ensure maximum energy savings for your home or business.

Go Solar with Luminext

Both businesses and households should always consider solar as an option. If you live in a region with a lot of sunny days, then a good solar solution can surely save you 10% on your bills. Our Luminext specialists can work out the details and provide you with a realistic estimate of your savings before you decide to go solar.

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