Conserving Electricity in the House and Maximizing Your Energy Savings

Conserving electricity in the house is a good way to save. Regardless of the price you pay for energy, having a more conservative approach will surely yield visible results on your electricity bill. This is especially true for houses, as utility expenses tend to be a lot bigger than those for a flat of the same size. Saving electricity can be done in many different ways, so we will start with the most effective methods and work our way down.

conserve electricity and maximize your energy savings

Insulating Your House

Conserving electricity in the house is easily achieved if you are able to preserve your inside temperature. Keeping your home cold in the summer and hot in the winter is a big challenge that draws a lot of electricity.

Insulate your home

Insulation is the best method of preventing energy loss. Adding insulation is a big investment, but it also creates big savings. It can be installed just about anywhere in the home, so start by covering your weakest points.

  • Insulating the roof is a priority and it can be done in different ways
  • Exterior walls account for a big portion of the energy loss and should be insulated
  • Insulate any wall neighboring a room that is not temperature regulated

Installing thicker windows is a bit different, but highly effective insulation technique. Multi-chambered windows do a much better job at conserving temperature, but if you can't afford them, consider installing reflective blinds and curtains to minimize the loss.

Working Your Thermostat

Good thermostat regulation is another smart way of conserving electricity in a house. Just by lowering the thermostat by one degree in the winter, you can save 3 percent on your electricity expenses. A few degree change may not even be noticed in your home, but it will surely be noticed on your bill.

Conserving Electricity in the House with a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat, such as the one produced by Nest will help you save a lot of electricity. Smart thermostats have incredible features such as mode selection, programmable modes, schedulers, timers and Internet access. Many of them can be controlled via an app on your phone, so you can manage the temperature in your home even when you are not around.

You can completely shut down temperature regulation when you leave your home and turn it back up an hour before you return. By the time you walk in through the door, the temperature will be at an optimum level. If you keep a regular schedule through the week, you can even program the exact temperatures you desire for each hour of the day.

Good timing allows you to cut electricity expenses without feeling any negative effects.

Invest in Good ENERGY STAR Rating

Appliances also account for a big portion of your electricity expenses. Investing in appliances with good ENERGY STAR rating is a nice way of conserving electricity in the house on the long run. This comes easier if you are equipping your home for the first time as you are in need of appliances anyway. However, if your home is already fully equipped, focus on replacing each appliance with a more efficient model once it breaks down.

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