Complete Energy Services and Management to Save You Money

Whether you’re in need of complete energy services for your home or business, you don’t want to pay more than necessary.  The less you spend, the more money you can allocate to more important areas of your budget. The problem is that most business and homeowners don’t understand the energy market enough to negotiate the best rates and terms of service.

You ultimately have two goals when it comes to saving money on natural gas and/or electricity:

gas vs electric stove
  1. Secure a fixed rate so that your bills are predictable and easier to budget.
  2. Get the lowest fixed rate possible.

You could call up all service providers offering energy delivery in your area, but you won’t have the leverage needed to negotiate the low fixed rates that are secured by Luminext Energy. Our consultancy represents a long list of consumers, and that leverage frees service providers to offer lower rates that benefit every business and residential consumer we represent.

What about Contract Fees?

Contract Fees

There is one expense that you may not think about until you make the final decision to switch energy providers: the fee charged when you break your contract with your current provider. The amount of this fee will depend on the policies enforced by your current provider. You may have an opportunity to switch during a renewal period, but what if you want to switch to a company offering better rates immediately?

Our consultants will help you understand the policies of your current provider while helping you negotiate a lower fee than you may otherwise need to pay. This gives you the freedom to make the switch at any time without facing a prohibitory cancellation fee.

Special Incentives

One of the reasons our consultancy is so successful securing low fixed rates for our clients is the fact that we know how to negotiate with all suppliers currently servicing the energy market. With our thorough understanding of the industry, we are able to suggest unique deals and specialized discounts that most individual customers don’t realize they can put on the table.

Special Incentives

For example, did you know that you may negotiate a lower service rate if you use the same amount of energy all year long? Many homes and businesses consume far more energy during extremely cold and hot seasons than they do during the milder seasons. If you are able to maintain a consistent demand for energy regardless of the temperature outside your door, then you can negotiate a better rate that reduces your energy bill all year long.

calculating taxes

Consider the Taxes for Complete Energy Services

Do you consider how much tax you are paying when you think about your energy bill? Probably not, but that is the job of our consultancy. Some states include tax in their rates while others don’t, and there are other small details to consider when it comes to tax. Whether you have to pay taxes or need to complete that complicated tax-exempt form for your nonprofit organization, our consultants offer their expertise to ensure you understand how the government impacts your energy expenditure.

Renting the Pipes

In order to secure the best deal on complete energy services, you need to understand the difference between paying rental fees for the pipes that deliver your gas and paying for the actual gas that enters your home and fuels your modern lifestyle. This is complicated if you aren’t familiar with the industry, but you can always count on our consultancy to give you the details and ensure you get the best possible rates whether paying for pipe usage or paying for the actual product.

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